Vernacular And Plain English Poem by Alexander Julian

Vernacular And Plain English

My vernacular for breakfast at the donut shop is,

"I will get two fancies, large decaf with pink packets and a wood stir."

With basic ideas, my plain English is,

"I will get two donuts, large coffee with artificial sweeteners and a stir."

Both quotes are the same.
What's the difference?
The 2nd quote is official and more universal.
The 1st quote is particular for good sense within reach of comfort.
I can use the 2nd quote at almost any donut shop.
I can only use the 1st quote when a donut shop shares my familiar mood.
"Fancies" are specific donuts.
"Decaf" is coffee with no caffeine.
"Pink packets" are artificial sweeteners for coffee.
"Wood stir" is a stir for coffee made out of wood.
The 1st quote will be more eternal for future generations.
But, for me, the 1st quote is very much like common sense in my area.
My mom would understand the 1st quote.
Particular donut shops would understand the 1st quote.
For other people, or, other strangers, I would speak plain English:

"I will get two donuts, large coffee with artificial sweeteners and a stir."

The 1st quote is romantic.
The 2nd quote is dull.

But, the public really enjoys the dull with minimal romance.
Or else, fast food workers would be singing and dancing all the time.
I never see that.

Sunday, July 31, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: food,foodstuff,dinner,drink,wood,family,mood,moody,language,judgement
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