Verse - 19 Poem by Xavier Mandreza

Verse - 19

In Manila your World will be known; Be at Hope
When the Pen which you carry will take a Note
At your Shy Merits impervious to such Pain
And Distance sought will be closer to you again
Talk only Seasoned Words; And you will be surprised
That in the End there will be Light.

No matter how many Groupies you both must pass through
No amount of Judas' Kiss would alienate him from you
For Better or Worse must your Continents divide
That very Point where Two Hearts will Coincide
Between Different Shades and Diverse Colours
In the End there will be Light.

It's funny how I should Live-Up and Learn
The Wood bogged with Soot I must readily Burn
Has not been accomplished if far from ease
A License I must carry to obtain a better Lease
For as long as Good Beings are still on this Earth
In the End there will still be Light.

Now that I am Dying, please come closer to me
And share your Densest Wishes and Things-to-Be
Never fear of what would ever lie ahead
Just pump your Muscles more and punch your Foe for dead
Deeds like these would all be Forgiven
Since in the End there will be Light.

Oh! The Greatest Performance Life has ever seen
A Concert of Angels singing to the top of their Wings
Love indeed is the Eternal Price for a Saint's Accord
Having been Tortured for Years yet still deserving a Reward
So before I Descend, I gratefully Praise you
And Thank you so much for sharing me your Light.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015
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Xavier Mandreza

Xavier Mandreza

Makati City, Philippines
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