Sunday, April 3, 2016

Voice Of The Grave Comments

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Oh! my daughter, Oh! my son
Don't forget me beneath the sun

He made by me, She made by me


Khalida Bano Ali 25 June 2018

The final destination of the mightiest men, we should think of it during our lives.

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Unwritten Soul 06 August 2016

Powerful write....when life is given death will waiting at its end...and we are toward that time :) Keep it up

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Kelly Kurt 25 July 2016

Very nicely written, Mohammed

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Billy Loving 22 May 2016

nice concept - English is a little rough

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Oceanna Lary 04 May 2016

that's intense....... i like it

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nice and emotional heart touching poem.... nice rhyming too

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Aarifa Almas 26 April 2016

Very alerting message for all is present in your poem.. Good write Affan. Thanks for sharing n reminding us bout the grave..

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Abderrahmane Dakir 06 April 2016

Nice poem about our deeds in this life embedded in our children. It's our result in this life. Thank you Mr. Mohammed Anas Affan for this poem.

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Raymond Farrell 06 April 2016

I like the honesty of you sentiments but do not be chained by rhyme and structure because they can impede what you are trying to say.

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Dimitrios Galanis 04 April 2016

A very good exrsise to form nice verses.

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Aabid Masroor 04 April 2016

Nice poem, keep going and thanks for sharing with us.

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Soul Watcher 04 April 2016

When I wanted to read one of your poem, I came to your page, and the title of this poem immediately caught my eyes, so here I am. The poem is really fantastic and it really gives what readers wants to find when then read about death. Well done Mohammad, and thank you so much for sharing the poem with us. Death is a truth that none of us can ignore or skip.

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Uzefa Rashida M.a 03 April 2016

The call of the grave so perfectly pictured thru your words. Keep the great job going. Very nicely penned.10++++

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