Voices From The Silent Street Poem by L.D. Lawton

Voices From The Silent Street

In the winding alleys of life's cruel maze,
Under cold bridges, through the nights and days,
A man whispers, in a voice that hums,
Soft and low, 'What if tomorrow never comes? '

Once, dreams twirled in his young mind's flight,
Now shadowed by the harsh blanket of night.
A soul burdened, by sorrow succumbs,
Asks of the stars, 'What if tomorrow never comes? '

His thoughts, a battlefield, lost in the fray,
Once home and hearth, now lost in disarray.
The street, his bed, his lullaby the city's drums,
He sighs at the moon, 'What if tomorrow never comes? '

Unseen by many, unheard by most,
A specter wandering from coast to coast.
In his heart, a bleak question strums,
A chilling thought, 'What if tomorrow never comes? '

Yet, beneath the grime and the weary strife,
There's a spark untouched, a resilient life.
Invisible ink, his story hums,
A plea in the night, 'What if tomorrow never comes? '

Through eyes that have seen too much pain,
Shines the spirit that continues to remain.
A phoenix in ashes, against despair he drums,
Echoing in silence, 'What if tomorrow never comes? '

Oh, the silent prayers that his lips have kissed,
Seeking salvation in the morning mist.
Toward a world that blindly shuns,
He prays, 'Hope, even if tomorrow never comes.'

In each of us, let compassion awake,
For our brother, for humanity's sake.
In our hearts, let his question thrum,
Stand by him, even if tomorrow never comes.

Through his story, though filled with plight,
There's a lesson, a call to ignite.
Heed his voice, let not our empathy be numb,
Love today, for tomorrow, may never come.

In my poem, 'Voices from the Silent Street, ' I explore the internal world of a man who, having battled mental health issues and homelessness, contemplates the uncertainty of tomorrow. It's a poignant testament to human resilience in the face of despair, and a call to society to recognize and respond to these often unseen struggles.
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