Robert Mugobi

Waiting For The Next Summer - Poem by Robert Mugobi

When the summer first came
It brought life on the earth
The once naked ground
Instantaneously was covered by vegetation

Triggered by the coming of the summer
The earth brought fourth its fruit
Nature showed off all the beauty
That lies within her

Plants of different varieties
Flowers of different colours
Decorated the earth
Just because of the summer’s arrival

The rivers overflowed their banks
As an expression of joy
The dams almost brought down their walls
Celebrating the summer’s arrival

But now the summer is gone
Gone without any notice
Gone in a short time
As if it appeared only to disappear

The earth is now back to its former state
In which it is mocked and laughed at
Because of its nakedness’ and bareness
Nakedness which only the summer can conquer
By dressing the entire earth
With “vegetation” designer clothes

The rivers no longer overflow their banks
Dams now submit to the authority of the dam walls
They now appreciate the boundaries set by the dam walls
All excitement is now gone into the thin air

The trees are shaving their beards
The only gift that the summer left them
Hoping the summer will be back
Back to distribute more gifts

The earth lies in silence
Waiting for the next summer
To bring back joy and life on it
To bring it “designer fit clothes”

Topic(s) of this poem: friendship, love, nature

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Poem Submitted: Friday, October 23, 2015

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