Monday, June 5, 2006

Wanderers In A Dream Comments

Rating: 5.0

O afar, beneath this gray coloured day,
Hangs a ribbon of darkness, shadowed fiend,
Despite the attempts, I admittedly say,
All reproves seem endless.


Jonzo Bandwagoner
Rosa Linger 21 June 2006

Makes me think of Celtic lore...shrouded in ethereal sunshine and mystical dreams...i like it! !

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Patricia Gale 07 June 2006

Wonderful read, such talent you have! Patricia Gale

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Sophia White 06 June 2006

I agree with Landrey - nicely done. And welcome.

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Landrey 06 June 2006

very cool, everyone will find something written for them in there. Keep writing. Landrey

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