Ryan Collins

Watch For The Crazy - Poem by Ryan Collins

You're gone
The thought just hit me
It waltzed right in through my front door
The same one you just walked out of
And slapped me in the face
Just the way like you did
It burns and strings
But the hole in my heart is deepening rapidly
On the verge of breaking
Shattering in the millions of pieces you helped me make
It breaks over one mistake
A mistake that has an illusive remedy
One that you're not willing to see
It was not me who did the wrongdoing
It was She

She, she that whore
My ex
My ex who found me after all these years
The crazy one who nearly stabbed me in our last fight
I had enough I was frustrated
She tried to kill me that one time when I was sedated
I tried to show her the light but I ran in a fright
She was after my life
She's found me after all this time
Time did not heal I suppose
It only deepens the wound

But trust me when I say I didn't cheat
Those emails were not mine
Because baby I would not be leading you blind
I have loved you
I have done more for you
I thought I had your trust
But She came back
She's come back for her final attack
Her revenge

I need to go settle this now and try to save us.
As I write this, I scared to know how it will
turn out. But know that I'm going to talk to
her to put this right. Know that I have alwa-
ys loved you and only you. And….call the p-
olice if you don't hear from me in the next
few hours.
Love yours truely

April 10,2012

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