Richard Allen Beevor

Gold Star - 5,498 Points (23 March 1949 / London)

We Live To Become Heaven, We Arrive, We Leave Behind, We Are - Poem by Richard Allen Beevor

Daylight of our perfect sight,
coated in gloss unaware of blinded loss,
moon shines the new earth
to become a home for lost humanity.

Arable land, edible soil,
water wades within the central coil,
rising rock taken whole into growth
from this burnt out cinder,
at creation in the beginning of time
or timeless ages past.

Patterned cross, symbol of love,
aid for those who are lost,
path or track, leading back,
seconds of hell or hours of fire,
death no more, life only to be,
movement in between the answers,
I am, I am, I am whole
intact, complete, together.

Paradise stands, letters of time
march into silver people drug,
atom lost, OM reign,
word supreme the power of a day,
illusion not wanted, multiple love,
desire of each year,
questions float, normal mind attacks,
to defend, sick is the right.

Regenerate, rehabilitate, remotivate,
moment taken, moment lake,
sky blue, yellow hue,
laugh a second and broken circle.

I see, I see, I see life,
alive, moving, floating,
I hear, I hear, I hear life,
singing, speaking, musician,
I feel, I feel, I feel life,
handreach, treehold, vibrations,
I taste, I taste, I taste life,
water, berry, root savour,
I understand, I overstand,
I middle, I left, I right,
perplex object, reflect,
shine into the astral light.

Sharp crystal, hourdream
notion giver, turn free,
higher day higher,
balance glove recount instant calling,
dreamer soft, second to hand,
often noted portal light,
eyes tear, cry not,
seal ink motive, reason, lie,
contrast switch illumines chord,
yearn stretch succeed.

Grown to grow reach blue sky,
personal bind, equal tie,
hold noise, engine blast
cheer forth solid cast,
take, make break,
single unit, one sake,
pallid score, cream of age,
sentinel force avid war.

Moon anew, Moon alive,
Moon upon which they stand,
cave dark, strange mark,
dinosaur, caveman born,
neanderthal, sharp the tooth,
club wood, carve stone,
axe blood, axe blade,
murder shall they not,
grow, grow ice, bronze,
firefly, firecry, firedie.

Clothe wash, make price to pay,
invent coin doom,
switch turn, kneel clasp, try,
try, pull right tow down,
tunnel glory, fill time,
work six single double century,
big, more, have, take need,
steal destroy shore,
house let second rate,
hourbrick, dayslate
kill resume, find truth,
explore dig, find mineral,
exploit, slave gore gut,
expose ride, sex fantastorture,
time waster, heartbreaker,
warmaker, man,
concrete, steel belt,
land loose, soul lose, man.

Mind grow in rate proportion,
meditate, lose hate,
then light bright shine sight
find meaning, not tight,
yearday, secondhour, minuteweek,
lord of life delight,
know answer, call word,
reach quest, turn forward,
Aquarius tune, we stand, we are,
we exist, we love,
pretence not, now firm substance
in air pure cloud.

Heaven we know, we are sun,
we are children,
the light our energy removed,
we are God, we are God,
plane of infinity, place of beauty,
we are peace, we are heaven,
cord remove, lead or chain,
go no walks, we are rested,
search out, search over,
I am, you are, we reach base,
God is, create, lever pull,
question fade, note relate,
secondhour motion beach,
grown ocean of love,
I am, I am, I seek,
I find, I know, I am that,
perfect purpose intent on more,
only less, I reach,
look for, look at, know time,
find truth, only truth.

It is yearday,
pass the more you move distance,
in around, heart open,
leave brain, have only soul,
chord lost, chord found,
OM of life, sing OM!
radiate, sun solar gain,
blood stone, lift on,
talk mind vibrate word,
seize hand, lift off,
cover lid, gone whistle,
carry wind east song,
face picture, frame point,
nice day, minuteweek,
pool glow, rise turn,
alien movement in letter line,
aid push, town we are here,
Astral we are here,
I find, I translate,
I give, I sleep, I receive,
conceive birth, broken shell,
eggwhip rinse,
fall form, speak speech,
orate, annual annul,
we are sun, we are life,
we are love.

Body of light, power of flight,
season lost to new day,
fly to, reach hand,
sea life, live heaven out,
person not needed, no name,
no identity, no reason,
climate sure to be pure,
plane taken motive,
find form in form,
no solid, all in one place,
plane am, exist wise,
take time, always life,
sharp day, know forever,
final rest.

I am, I maintain,
I perceive, I exist,
I am, I am whole,
intact, complete yet invisible,
I am, I love, I am peace,
quiet, rest yet movement,
we are all change,
we all are pure, we all are.

I am, I am, I lift,
I lower, I move, movement,
I am, I am, I rhyme,
I call, I reach, handholder,
I am, I am, I am heaven,
I am God, I just am, it is all.

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