Once upon a toilet wall

What Good Is Verse If You Can'T Curse! - Poem by Once upon a toilet wall

Some may love to sing and dance
and others, they site verse,
but very best above the rest
is how I loved to curse!

'Such dirty words, ' my mother screamed,
and washed my mouth with soap,

' Stay away from those neighborhood kids
or I'l chain you to a rope'!
'I pay for all this private school
and look at what I get!
The bigest foul mouthed idiot
that's got me so upset!

But I had to curse, !
it's what I did!
It's all that I would live for.
I cursed all day, I cursed all nite
and then I cursed some more!
It gave me joy, it gave me thrills
to see them jump like mad,
when I told them all to go to hell
and called them fucken bastards! ! !

And then one day, a cop stopped me
for speeding down the street,
I said ' no way you imbicle'
and it was off to jail with me!

'Whats your plea' so said the judge
in words concise and terse.

'You can sentence me to the end of time
but I will fucken curse! '

'We'l see about that', he shouted back
and threw the book at me!
'its one month in the big house,
and your mouth had better be clean! '

And he was right cause now I talk
just like a brand new baby,
after they stuck my head
in the toilet bowel

and washed my mouth with doody!

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 13, 2010

Poem Edited: Friday, February 19, 2010

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