What Is Love Poem by Sotirios Skoufis

What Is Love

Love moves
Love grooves
Love is light
Love wins all fights

Love is power
Love get's u higher
Love is hot like fire
Love is desire

Love stays
Love pays
Love is life
Love is your wife

Love is raise
Love does praise
Love is cool
Love's not a fool

Love is sound
Love heals all wounds
Love is voice
Love's ur only choice

Love is peace
Love does it all with ease
Love is spiritual cultivation
Love creates another nation

Love is mental revival
Love doesn't know denial
Love is the highest of all gifts
Love is a stranger

To anger
Love is stronger than fear
Love is always near
Love brings wealth

Love is health
Love brings happiness
Love has understanding
Love has it's own standing

Love defends
Love does not pretend
Love does not offend
Love creates

Love is wisdom
Love is not boredom
Love is not depression
Love is not suppression

Love is freedom
Love refuels
Love does not subdue
Love is joy

Love is not a toy
Love is sex
Love does flex
Love is not only sex

Love is not just a reflex
Love is rain
Love does not constrain
Love knows no limits

Love is not death
Love designs
Love does whine
Love is dung

Love is motion
Love is absolute devotion
Love is serenity
Love is amenity

Love is you
Love is me
Love is free
Love writes

Love sings
Love prays
Love has it's own ways
Love is not from wood

Love can be understood
Love opens your heart
Love opens your mind
Love knows no rewind

Love is a spirit savior
Love is courage
Love does not discourage
Love is meekness

Love is not weakness
Love endures defeat
Love does not retreat
Love is light-hearted hope

Love doesn't smoke dope
Love doesn't do cocaine
Love is not vain
Love is not pain

Love is grace
Love will be there for any trial that you face

Love is a sound chime
Love is consistent
Love is persistent
Love is calm

Love is king
Love is your extra wing
Love is lust
Love is trust

Love always was
Love always will be
Love will set you finally free
Love is your man

Love does not depend
On anything
Love does bling bling
Love is like a fountain

Love is high like a mountain
Love loves to see you online
Love is 100% divine
Love is an alien

Love is inside you
Love is beside you
Love resides in all things
Love has much more then 7 billion wings

Love grows
Love shows
Love throws
Grace, onto your face

Love has it's own pace
Love has it's own race
Love does not disgrace
Love is like a cookie

Love is not a rookie
Love is in control
Love does break a wall
Love does never stall

Love does never fall
Love is all
Love is satisfaction
Love depends on your reaction

Let love in
Let love win
Love has no sin
Love will never throw you in the bin

Love is gnostic
Not agnostic
Love is appetitive
Love is repetitive

Love is not material
Love is serial
Love is never ending
Love is never bending

Love is righteous
Love is virtuous
Love is authority
Love is not blind

Love is inside your mind
Love is inside your heart
With love all is possible
Nothing impossible

Love is placid
Love is solid
Love is kind
Love you can find

If you open your eyes
If you say no to lies
Love is honest
Love is modest

Love is quick
As the speed of light
Love is always right
Love is slow

Love is sending you a blow
Love won't keep you wait
For love you're not a bait
Love is hope

Love doesn't say nope
Love is free from any need
Love will feed
Your soul

Love your body
Love your heart
Love will never tear it apart
Love is bigger than Walmart

Love is like a diamond
Love will go all the way with you & beyond
Love will respond
Love will answer your call

Love will not play ball
with your feelings
Love will reach the ceiling
Love will reach the stars

Love will put an end to all wars
Love is fearless
Love is not restless
Love is beautiful

Love is merciful
Love is dutiful
Love is intellectual
Love is mental

Love is a treasure
Beyond measure
Love is pleasure
Love is a feast

Love is not a beast
Love loves you at least
Love is the Alpha
Love is the Omega

Love is quiet
Love doesn't like to riot
Love does not surrender
Love is a defender

Love is clean
Love is pure
Love is sure
Love is never tired

Love is always wired
Love will make you feel desired
Love will make you feel inspired
Love will make you feel hired

Forever & ever
Love will never say never
Love is clever
Love is like a lever

To a higher state
Love is like real estate
Love will never make you feel afraid
Love will never hide

Love will always keep you inside
and safe
and clean
Love is not mean

Love is like a bean
Love is good for your brain
Love will never make you feel insane
Love will never complain

Love is patience
Love is obedience
Love is resilience
Love will take care of your finance

Love is your dowry
Love will never make you worry
Love is not stress
Love is not recess

Love is modest
Love is concrete
Love is discrete
Love is comfort

Not discomfort
Love is oxygen
Love is atmosphere
Love is like Saturn

Love does return
Love is thankful
Love is brave
Love will never put you in the grave

Love is like a rave
Without drugs
Without slugs
Love is tall

Love is wide
Love does not hide
Love is world's best ride
World's most beautiful bride

Love needs no money
Love is like honey
Love is sweet
Love will always treat

You right
Have trust
Love is superior
Love is supernal

Love is eternal
Love is not infernal
Love has many colors
Love is one

Love is like the sun
Love drinks no alcohol
Love is like Andy Warhol
Love is smart

Love is a Mercedes
Love is like a star
Love will bring you far
Love is like world's best car

Love is a Bugatti Veyron
Love will never iron
Your heart
Your mind

Love will never wind
Love knows what it wants
Love will bail you out
Love will never make you shout

For love you're not a trout
For love you're not a chicken
For love you're precious
For love you're rare

Love will never despair
Love will lift you in the air
Love will make you fly
Love is not shy

Love will always try
Love will always buy
Your sorrows
Your fears

Love will wipe away your tears
Love is like de Beers
but more rare
Love is like a ruby
Love is like a bird

Love is like a spider
Love is wider
Love creates a net
Love does bet

On you
Love will spin
For you
Love is true

Spread love
To your crew
Spread love to your brothers
Spread love to your sisters

Love will never call you Mr.
Love increases
Love never decreases
Love never ceases

To exist
To resist
Against your passions
Love is like fashion

Haute Couture
Love is overture
To a greater game
Love will never blame

Love will never put you in shame
Love is like a flame
Love is like the ocean
Full with fish

Love is your next dish
Love will fulfill your next wish
Love will never extinguish
Love will always distinguish

You from others
Love will you treat you special
You're custom made
Love is sharp like a blade

Love will not evade
or crusade
Love will let you go
Love wants you to produce your own show

Love has it's own flow
Love has it's own rhythm
Love is like Mr. Witham
Love is like a teacher

Love is like a preacher
Love will make you richer
Love is like a baby
Love is not slim shady

Love is like a stairway
Love may
Love is will
Loves takes care of your bill

Love will never keep still
Love will chill you
Love will reach to grab you

Love will never stab you
in the eye
or in the back
Love will never give you a smack

Love will never slack
on you
or any other
With love you never have to bother

If you will find another
Love is like your father
& your mother
Love is new

Love is old
Love will never keep you bold
Or make you white
Love will make you feel alright

Love will keep you when you fall
Love is like world's best mall
Here in Athens, love is Golden Hall

Full with Prada
Love loves you like no other
With love you will discover
Love is like Brunello Cucinelli

Love all your fratelli
Love all your sorella
Love is like nutella
Sweet, like acapella

From Destiny's Child
Love is your only true fella
Love will never make you go wild
Love will give you a child

Or 2
Or 3
Or 4
Or even many more

Love is not a whore
Love is faithful
Love has standards
Love will make you wonder

Surprise you
Love has no disguise
Love is wise

Love has a face
Look in the mirror
Maybe you will recognize
Maybe you will realize


Love is sincere
Love doesn't steal
Love does spin the wheel
Love doesn't kill

Like Bukowski writes
Love has it's own will
Love always fill
And not the way is the goal

Confucius was wrong
But the goal is the way
It's all about the goal
Ways are many

Love is the goal
Love is the destination
Love doesn't take abbreviations
Love is direct

Love is perfect

Error Success