Wishing For Perfection

What Will It Take? - Poem by Wishing For Perfection

Shes alone and scared
Taking life day by day
Not sure how much she can take
Not sure when enough will be enough
Not sure when shell finally quit.

The critisism
From her family
Her friends
and anyone shes ever loved.

The looks from the teachers
The stares and snickers
from the students in the hall
as she passes by.

She goes home
only to be critisized again.
the same everyday
'your rooms to messy'
'your times not good enough'
'you have to do better'
'your a worthless piece of shit'
never a compliment
never a 'im proud of you'
never will she be good enough

Locked in her room
with only a phone and a notebook
she calls her best friend
to find that shes not there.
again everything she wants to say
goes unsaid.
again she pours her heart out
to an inatimate object.

Refusing to give in
to those thought
that haunt her brain
'a couple more pills and it will all be over'
'a razor to your wrist, and it will all end'
'only a jump away from death itself'
'dont worry its not that hard it wont hurt'
'no one will miss you anyways'
Never a good thought
Never words of encouragement

Shes alone and scared
fighting the battle by herself
getting weaker by the day
wondering what it will take
till she cant take anymore.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, October 5, 2008

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