Adeosun Olamide

What You Said In Your Sleep - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

They want to bury me-
The ones I called kin
They want to lock me
Beneath the earth
In the garden
The ones I call friends
The songs they sing
The words they utter
The lies they tell-
The sermon I hear-
I am referred as it-

To and fro- they walk thro
The door too- to and fro
What fragrance is this?
And why wool stuffed in nose?
What have they done! ?
That I can't lift my hands
Nor raise my lids

Where am I taken! ?
I am locked in a wood
I perceive the odor-
Ah- a torch please
Ah- Away from this heat
The dunes are upon me-
Ah- stench of rose
They know so it irritates my nose
They are stoning me
They are stoning me
They are gone
Do I still live?
Ah- I live still
They no more loiter-

I am in a cursed place
Where am I hidden?
There is silence
I pray a torch
Away from this heat-
Is that a worm?
What feeds on my flesh! ?
What feeds on my flesh! ! ?

I can hear loiter
Who is there?
No, not rose please!
It brings me sneeze

You there-
I am in here!
Hey! I am in here!

The shower is on
I am thirsty
Ah- water sinks
A droplet in my throat-
The ants in my mouth
My teeth won't chew
The worms in my tummy-
They die!

Who is there?
Whose voice is that?
No, not voice, - voices
The police chief is dead?
I saw him two weeks back-
The song they sing
The sermon still-
And yet gunshots-
To invade the silence around
Perhaps- Tis a grave
I can hear my heartbeat tho
I shouldn’t be here-
Is it for my riches?
Would my kin betray me so?
This is no betrayal
It is more!

They loiter about still-
Can't I turn even?
I want to turn!

Yet again-
They march upon
They came just yesterday-
The priest!
What happened to the priest?
He was here yesterday
He gave the sermon-
He shall be up-
When the trumpet row-
Yes- As the book promised-
And myself too
I would leave this dark-
I, I didn't kill a good man
I didn't rob’ a good man
I was generous-
Yes to the rich
And gave bones the poor
I would resurrect
I would resurrect
I would resurrect
I can hear my echo
How is it come?
I bother naught
I would resurrect!
When the trumpet rows

I should sleep-

This'' my darling
Are your whisperings-

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