When I'M Dead And Gone Poem by Daniel Chapman

When I'M Dead And Gone

Rating: 4.0

When I'm dead and gone
At my funeral don't play another sad song
I wanna see tears of joy not of sorrow
Remember this day for it will be gone tomorrow
I want people to celebrate my death day
The same way they celebrated my birthday
Remember the good things I've done in my life, and forget the bad
Remember our love, cause at times that's all we had
When I'm dead and gone, who would really miss me?
I would hope that the memory of me make people happy
I'd like to say I'm sorry to all those I've done wrong
And thanks to all who showed me love my whole life long
I have to get these feelings out before I'm dead and gone
Same may wonder why I'm doing this poem
Maybe I feel like my life is reaching its final storm
I rather say this right now right here
Cause later I may not be able to say nothing I fear
No I'm not ready to meet death.
But I rather for you to know now,
Then when I'm dead and gone to be thinking something else.

This poem was wrote while serving in Iraq when I was almost sure I was not gonna make it home.
Aliyah Al-Sharji 07 December 2006

woow nice poem, i really liked it

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Soumita Sarkar 19 January 2015

Philosophical and so deep desire of all human beings...Loved it.....do read few of my writes....

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Better to say it now than never and have people wonder - indeed. Thought provoking and emotional. Thank you for sharing this one

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Rebeca Valenzuela 21 January 2007

you have really poured out your heart on this poem.

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Debora Johnson 10 December 2006

You've shared your soul with this one Daniel.

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Nathan Strange 07 December 2006

pretty raw, i like it

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