Saturday, October 31, 2009

When I Was Dying. Comments

Rating: 4.5
When I was dying, and dealing with the angel of death.
You disappeared, and didn’t turn back.
What were you waiting for, perhaps, my final breath!


Prakash Mehra
Rup Pokharel 17 January 2013
What a touching lines? ? ? Weren’t you aware of severity; didn’t you catch the growing bane? Yet you let me die, and broke the cord. Why did you leave me in silence, when I was in hyper pain! Mehra. Your poem touched my sentiment. So soothing. Keep it up.
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Kuji Soliman 17 December 2009
i love it! great job! !
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Fergus Condron 30 November 2009
Yes, I like this Prakesh. Thank you. (I try to steer clear of poems about God, alot of people on this site get very upset, and send rude emails! ! ! ! And they are usually very poor poets anyway! ! !)
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Rajaram Ramachandran 29 November 2009
A dying man shares his last views well in the poem.
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Merna Ibrahim 29 November 2009
Excellent poem! ! I really liked it so much..10.if you want you can read my latest poem.thanks for sharing...
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Joseph Stotz 19 November 2009
I give you the strength to rebuke the one that gave you the strength to free yourself from me P.M., and as A.R.T or any reflective teaching I would say this is an angry child, but account for the autism, and then again I was made to be a walking pin cushion, I just always hated needles
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Beka ? ? ? 18 November 2009
i like it it was a good write, nice
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Halana Williams 18 November 2009
i love the change in emotion from the last two poems i've read. I love to read different emotions in several poems it makes you seem interesting so you've done a very good job so far. =]
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Shiela Marie Anunciacion 10 November 2009
it has a very dark and powerful emotion that can be felt by the readers... it's a nice read! ! ! ^_^
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Deborah Cromer 08 November 2009
Powerful and deep feelings written to form a message. Very strong and created with emotion. Touched with a hint of mystery, this is a piece done with some thought. Nice work. Debbie
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Ezna Stephna 08 November 2009
nicely expressed with strong feelings........the angel of death let you go to continue writing more poem in life's reality so keep writing more ............10++
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Bhavani R 08 November 2009
Beautifully expressed. Very moving....
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Clesec Swahn 07 November 2009
Strong feelings well portrayed. The scenery even better laid. Good story.
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Sarah Hamid 06 November 2009
I read the poem whole and i found that it's very true spically in the last stanza good work keep writing..10
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Dr.Wardha Jawdat 05 November 2009
your bitterness comes across loud and clear...the pain is true and crystal...good write
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Anthony Zeigler 04 November 2009
i love this. this explains alot. this explains more about feeling in life that i have i love this alot.10!
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Ben Gieske 04 November 2009
You present us with a fresh look at this experience of dying which we all will experience only once and never be able to respond to. Poetry can be a healing experience. I hope it works for you. Love, of course, has its consequences, not always the desirable kind.
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Almedia Knight-Oliver 03 November 2009
A universal life experience poem, we can be left to die but someone comes along and breathe life back into us. I like this poem...keep putting pen to paper. a 10
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true Little angel ...! ! ! 03 November 2009
i can relate to this poem.... i'm sorry you had to go through that but believe me, we all do..... however we continue breathing... it is my poem (to the angel of death) 's twin..... keep writing
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Samuel Zirin 02 November 2009
wow! ! ! ! i' m really sorry you had to experience that pain moment and i know how you feel and it's very nice i like it
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