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When The Night Falls Upon The Alone - Poem by c lea harris

when relationships keep failing, it really makes you wonder, am I meant to spend life alone

When the sun falls upon the city

Here you are alone

You think of families

Gathering in their homes

Moms putting a meal on the table

Making sure homework is done

Dads doing catch up work

He had to bring home

Here you are

Watching t.v.

Wondering is there someone

Out there for you

As your sitting home alone

A boyfriend here, a boyfriend there

But nothing really stable, nothing on solid ground

Wondering why is it, there is not anyone here

Sharing what couples share

Wondering who else is sitting

In this world alone

No one to bother you

Doing what you wanna do

No one to interrupt while the t.v. is on

Being able to walk out the door

No one to report to

Where have you been, when are you going to be back

Asking in worry what took you so long

No one to make plans with

The week days so long

Waiting for the weekend

To go out to social places

Watching couples kiss, cuddle

And dance, not going home alone

Someone catching you sitting there

Stuttering over invading your space

Asking, what are you doing here alone

Shrugging your shoulders

I just am

Asking if they could have the empty chair

Can I buy you a drink

Conversation covers topics

Thoughts of taking you home

Till you make it clear

One night stands is not what you do

The night ending with a favorite song

Can I call you sometime

When it dawns on him

Your still

walking out the door

Going home alone

Some day the phone may ring

Would you like to go out to dinner

Would you like to go out dancing

Sometimes it so tiring to be alone

Yea, I know what you mean

And the question is asked

Why are you alone

Your answer is plain

It may even match theirs

Just haven’t found that one

That wants to be focused on a relationship

to make plans that includes two

to wonder where I am when I am late

the moment when thoughts to give

who rings who to see how things are going

to only be with me

yea, I know what you mean

they tell of the story of why

they’re alone

you think this might be it

lets take it slow

see where it may lead us

yet in the mean time

I think I’ll watch the evenings

Come and go

Spending time alone

Till they make up there mind

They don’t want you

Or them to spend their life


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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 30, 2010

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