Where Are The Millions ~ Resist Palestine Poem by Bulent Karaalioglu

Where Are The Millions ~ Resist Palestine

Hound the hare and catch the hound
Millions Where Are You
Israeli apartheid regime in the dock
Israel, the new home of Nazism
Genocidal state against the Zionist oppressor
World humanity and millions where are you

Hound the hare and catch the hound
the Zionist right of self-defence
The right to die to Palestine
'declared war on Palestine' for Zionist terrorism
War is between two countries
While dead Palestinian women and children are labelled as terrorists, the hare and the hound

While Zionist blood bathes in blood,
He washed the Palestinian blood with water.

Mr President Biden, let alone 1915.
Look at 2021,
Living genocide,
See for yourself.
Light a torch for the victims of the Zionist Nazis.

Palestine is an ancient people
Not a symbol but a people with deep sorrows
Half of its people are exiles
half in their country
Open prison
Poverty and violence

Arafat's slingshot-throwing children are not surrendering.
The people of Palestine and Israel are cousins of the Semitic race, enemies of each other.
Uncle's son slaughters his uncle's son, not kills him

Millions where are you
Where is humanity

The day of catastrophe for Palestine 'El nakba'
15 May 1948
In the Arabian Sea, the apartheid Zionist takes his courage from crocodile tears.
In this land where blood, not water, blooms like poppy flowers
Dove and peace will come, even if timid
The days when crocodiles did not shed false tears
Ancient resistance like the wind
The wind lightens but does not cease

The child with a stone in his hand against the tank has a big heart
A crime against humanity by the occupiers,
Palestinians have an olive in one hand and a gun in the other

12 May 2021
Time: 2.28

Where Are The Millions ~ Resist Palestine
Bulent Karaalioglu

Bulent Karaalioglu

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