(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

Where Love Is Kept... - Poem by (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

The Old Shoe Box, with the tattered
covered, lay on his lap.

With wrinkled hands, that trembled
slightly, he lifted the cover.

There inside, were the reminders of
precious memories of love.

A fading picture of her, with a smile, that
beconed his now hazy memory, as he could still hear the
words that made life worth while; 'I love you.'

There she was, standing on the pier, as
boats dotted the ocean blue and the
warm sun kissed her face. A light
wind, ruffled her golden hair.

He reached in, and picked up a Valentine she
once gave his. As he read her words,
'All my love...All my life', his eyes began to
fill. His minds eye pictured them, holding,
touching, forever committing their love to each other.

A dainty ribbon, with strands
of blond hair still clinging there. A half used
tube of lipstick...the glasses she wore,
and a picture of their children, now scattered
to the distant places of the world. All there,
in that Old Shoe Box.

A 45 record, titled, 'Why Did I Choose You? '
He never really understood, why she choose him.
He just thank Him above, that she did.

A tiny heart she knitted fortheir first grandchild.
A souvenir from their vacation; a prayer card, from
one of their children, who had passed; their
wedding announcement and an invitation for
their fiftieth anniversary.

Tears streamed down his face, as he picked up,
her obituary. For him, it all ended, when she
had gone. For him, there would be no more beloved
memories to place... in that Old Shoe Box.

He sat there for hours, as everything in that
Old Shoe Box, brought her back to him.
Returned, the love they had known.

Reluctantly, he replaced the cardboard lid.
He closed his eyes and whispered, 'I miss you.
Love you. Soon...we'll be together again.'

Until then, he can find their life and their love,
stored in that Old Shoe Box.

© Joe Fazio

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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