Lone Ghost

Whispers From The Forest

Deep down the mountains, nearby the big shades
casting dark shadows in the dim deep forest,
she lucidly dances around her web, alluring her preys,
defying life, defying death. Showing majestic dexterity
with her long delicate legs, she extravagantly arranges
each drop of dew in a cosmological pattern of stars,
like a wondrous jewelry of crystal balls,
where she reads the upcoming death
of the future victims of her natural mirage.
Marvelous the crystallized drops are,
she allows the bright moonlight reflection,
of her somber poisoning charm,
to illuminate each of them, too wonderful, too alluring,
So bottom-feeder creatures can't miss the beautiful view.

A fly, innocently flies, vaguely,
observing through its gridded eyes
profoundly convinced it has found,
the most beautiful place, the firmament itself,
standing as the background of some sort of eternal pearls,
But behind lurks a sarcastic constellation of traps and deceit,
a web woven with the silk of death, ready to take its last sigh away;
The spider dances and relishes in the tombs of others insects' fate,
turning their blood into an obscure profane bliss;
now is the fly´s turn...

A little girl, an aspiring sorcerer,
completely astonished by the sublime
flawless dance of the spider says,
yet a little pinch on her wandering mind
is turning into a deep remorse.

Next day...still in the woods,
As sun rays strike on the larva's translucent armor,
the girl watches it dragging itself across a stem.
Reflecting a lustrous phenomenal green,
the larva continues in a peristaltic fashion,
briskly climbing from branch to branch,
looking for a higher stem to perch,
looking for a vaster view to observe,
so the organic cloth of renascent life,
it can continue to intertwine inspired,
and the glimmering warming sunshine,
with its tiny little heart,
utterly reverence and praise.

Thread by thread...
threads that mingle in between,
threads of effort and commitment,
threads that reinforce the previous threads,
it crafts its cocoon readying for evolution;
implosive intimate metamorphosis.

Next to the sagacious sedulous silkworm,
already at the end of the pupal stage,
There is its brother,
ready to metamorphose
into its Peak Possibility...
from inner work, hatches,
breaking upon its astral sleep,
coming back into the 'world, '
spreading its crumple majestic gray wings,
flapping, fluttering, elevating itself,
like a burning beige phoenix bird,
consuming itself in the flames of its royalty,
elegant! dripping glory from its pinions,
drops of triumph and devotion,
rising from the silky ashes
of its bleeding dedication...
Totally Transformed.

The little girl still, in deep rapture,
inebriated by the aether of the woods,
again fascinatingly confused,
to the hidden cave, she goes,
there she sits in lotus-feet,
and with utter devotion,
evoking the spirit of the forest,
she softly utters,

A subtle magical emanation
traveling in between the trees, carried by the wind,
descends and gently whispers...

-'I see you are confused '

The little girl replies,
'doubt and astonishment suffuse my entire being,
as you advise nature I have observed
and from her, I have learned,
though clouds of confusion still,
pervade my cognitive landscape'.

The whisper in a wise tone,
affectionately proceeds,
-' I see... my beloved,
why can't man be like the spider
without bringing his evolution process
to halt,
without expressing evil intentions,
without being deceptive.
Why can't man just be...

Humans have a choice, animals don't,
their boundaries are fixed,
their intentions are predetermined,
it might seem as if they are being evil sometimes
truth is, the creator,
the cosmic forest-keeper, is behind each of them,
coordinating this energy exchange process,
flowing through, as they lose their lives,
and take other lives, becoming one with everything,
all the time.

Humans can aspire to anything they wish to be,
being human means to be free,
free of instincts, boundaries, limitations,
being human means to have conscious will,
to choose, to realize, to be.

So, man has to decide.

If emulating the spider,
is what man chooses,
he might surround himself by fanciful mandalas,
but still, he will spew silk to thread death,
he will be weaving for food at the expenses of others,
enslaving himself to his self-created trap.
remaining stuck on the surface,
as animal or lower, without exploring the full
potential of what it means to be human.
Blinded by vanity, far from divinity,
far from evolving,

But if man chooses to emulate the silkworm,
who spends its time and blood
building an untouchable inner space,
so from the stupor of light and shade,
it can gloriously rise and awake,
and consciously entraps himself like it,
so when ready he is,
knowing the ways of his trap,
he can break it himself too,
he will evolve, and totally transform
into his peak and ultimate possibility.
Always using his inner spinneret to spew
silk to thread nothing but life.
why does it have to be this way?
it doesn't matter
but it is inner work, that fuels evolution,
for inside man, love resides.
Love is not just what you feel after you see your special one. Love is not just what you feel for your close ones. Love is not just a simple emotion or a chemical reaction... Love is what fills forests and mountains with magic
inspiring the birds, every morning to sing. Love is what allows flowers to seduce bees and make pollination possible. Love is that same energy, that helped apes care for each other and survive despite their bestiality and the dangers they faced after they got
off the trees. Love is what allows DNA strands to cross over and create equilibrium between mutation and evolution. Love fuels evolution, Love is transcendental, but ultimately love is not you, it's not me, love is us.

When man is aware of this,
he aims to wholeheartedly
take the next step of evolution beyond,
beyond the automatic, self-ran,
seemingly rudimentary,
yet perfect,
flow of energy exchange
in Mother Nature.

In humans, 'the strongest and the fittest,
stands in the top of the food-chain' principle, also applies,
but...to man strength and aptitude doesn't mean
physical force anymore, but spiritual stalwartness,
measured by his ability to integrate all elements of life,
becoming one with his trap, becoming one with his love.
In order to learn that, to this plane man comes,
it's the price of conscious thought;
to realize unity by and on his own
and become willingly to offer his life
unreservedly to the all.
But man selfish, pity death,
knowing not the relief
it brings from this life,
that everything entraps,
though it's a beautiful trap,
mechanics of life,
essential to participate and adventure,
in the so called world.
It's really all about,
in which direction man weaves his trap.

Hold on tight,
enter my supernal ever-contracting cocoon,
let my fragrance enter through your nostrils,
eyes and ears, melting you into my magic mist,
fusing you into the eternal inherent throb of the forest,
taking you into the transcendental infinite abyss'.

Little girl 'faintingly' sighs,



Topic(s) of this poem: evolution, life and death, love and dreams, spirituality

Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 11, 2017
Poem Edited: Sunday, February 12, 2017

Form: Narrative

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