Who I Am And What Is One-Reality? Poem by Mohammad Younus

Who I Am And What Is One-Reality?

Oh, what a Great Awareness it will Be;
To know Who I Am on All Aspects of ME.
The physical, the psychological, the spiritual!
What a Great Awareness it will be;
To Be Able to See Who I am? What is One-reality?
Oh, what a Great Awareness it will Be!

Having the illusion removed from the mind
Having the Blindfolds removed from the Vision;
We can see clearly into the gorgeous manifestation:
The Unity in diversity! The One-reality!
Oh, what a Great Enlightenment it will Be!

The World of Creation is the fantastic manifestation...
...of Divine Energy;
Giving Birth To All The Things Comprising One-reality!
But the Flawed Vision of The Polytheists cannot...
...see into it One-reality;
Just ask yourself:
What kind of Knowledge is needed to know One-reality?
Divine Knowledge! Yes, that only can help you know One-reality

Divine Knowledge one cannot have in a Madrassa...
...or from any person professing as a Spiritual Guru;
One can acquire such a knowledge with Divine Intellect only;
But, to be honest, 'Such is God's bounty!
He grants it to anyone who is willing [to receive it];
For God is limitless in His great bounty! '

Then, without any shame, we must ask Him...
...for granting us such a bounty;
Only the persons with Divine Intellect can have...
...Serenity and tranquility...
Cause they comprehend One-reality;
Oh what a great Spiritual Awakening it will be!
When we Know: who I am and what is One-reality?


Who I Am And What Is One-Reality?
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