Nicole D'Settemi

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Wimoweh (Lost In The Jungle) - Poem by Nicole D'Settemi

In the jungle
The mighty jungle
The Lost Girl loses tonight
In the jungle
The mighty jungle
The Lost Girl loses the fight

The jungle it is tough
As I'm sure you've heard
Though one may have doubts
That opinion to me is absurd
Because, it certainly IS a jungle
It's lethal and it's vicious
Though it's merely a metaphor
This jungle is not fictitious
So, who is lost girl anyway?
I'm quite sure-we need not say.
Oh yes, you are right.
Much to your delight!
She is sucked in again
She is lost on how to end
Her addiction to this place
Her obsession with his face
She needs to get AWAY
She dreams to make them pay
The others who've survived
Still able to breathe
Still completely ALIVE
Because, they all helped murder her
Mentally-they did for sure!
So why do they go on?
It seems they do forever
And, no mercy is given to Lost Girl
No mercy is given, EVER
They prevent her from escape
They take and take and take
She wrestles with the lock
But, they block and block and block
'Let me GO! Let me OUT! '
She screams, she yells, she starts to shout
But, her throat they gag
And, her mouth they tape
As her body they destroy
And, her mind they start to rape
Pushed to the limit
Mentally molested
Completely drugged up
Is when they've ALWAYS tested
She is forced to learn the newest lesson
The newest lesson they teach
As they crawl into her head-her brain
And glorifying evil; they preach
She is so fu*king gone!
So God Damned LOST
As what fu*king expense
At what God forsaken COST?
It is a jungle out there...
Oh, yes, it is indeed!
As they continue to stick to her body
The parasites live off of her and feed
This territory is tough
For her to make it through
She runs and she hides
But, they find her there too!
Give up
Let go
It is over
And, then the King of the Jungle
He departs from his throne
And, he captures Lost Girl
And, makes her all his own
She is now enslaved
And, chained beside his throne
The attention she always craved
She has based her life
On that alone
He tells her what to do
Every move she can make
Her soul he couldn't capture
So her sanity-he decided to take!
Lost Girl she truly IS
She fist the bill, she wears the name
She got so wrapped up in being a player
So LOST inside the game
So will she ever be able to break free?
Go ahead and ask her...
Go ahead.
Ask me.

[© copyright 2003 Nicole Settimi/Dark Lyric Poetry]
Dark Lyric Poetry by The Dark Artist Nicole Settimi

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 13, 2011

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