Winter Solstice Greetings Poem by Janet K. Rauch

Winter Solstice Greetings

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A blanket of snow
glistens fluffy and white
Tucks us in, oh so cozy
for the long winter night

We'll light one white candle
Let busy minds release
all the cares of the day
for a moment of peace

On this longest of nights
and shortest of days
Thank the Great Universe
for the sun's growing rays

From our house to yours
Yuletide blessings we send
So gracious life's cycle
No beginnings, no end

For those who aren't here
we've a hole in our lives
But because we're all one
Their spirit survives

Their breath in the wind
Their voices are heard
in the chirping of crickets
and the sweet singing bird

In the great scheme of things
We're connected to all
If one of us stumbles
Another may fall

So gather your loved ones
Your friends and your foes
We're all in this together
Yes, that's how it goes

Mother Nature can teach us
She'll show us what's best
If we learn from life's lessons
she'll do the rest

So let's light our candles
on Winter Solstice night
Celebrate kindred spirit
and be one with the light

(My treasured muse shot this one out in about 20 minutes when I sat down to write a sentiment for my 2007 Winter Solstice greeting cards. A Blessed Winter Solstice to all!)

Chuck Audette 07 December 2007

Beautiful Solstice Greeting, Janet! I just wikipedia'd 'winter solstice' and it shows how this is a time of year revered by many faiths and religions. Cool! -chuck

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Janet K. Rauch

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