Wipe Away Your Tears Poem by Preston Mwiinga

Wipe Away Your Tears

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Why is life so cruel, why is life this unfair, why it so harsh, but why does it seem as though my prayers don't reach to the heavens, do I really deserve to be treated like a leper amongst the Jews, calling me unclean despising and disputing and you leave me in despair. Where did I go wrong to deserve this treatment? Am I cursed to always wear a frown? And never to smile for long. The people around me seem to care about my cares but when they are away from me they bite me worse than a lion can do so I call them back biters. The many smiles that I receive look so captivating and shiny but they lack one thing and that thing is happiness instead they just leave me with multiplied sorrows what a world I live in.

My world feels empty, desolate without shape and void. Nothing seems to make sense to me; I sleep with sorrow and work up with it in the morning. Just at the moment when all was getting better in my life, this guy called disease comings swiftly, softly and shifting it takes away my most treasured possession, the apple of my sight the source of my happiness, the one who has been behind my success, ‘‘mama'' she dies before am established and leaves me in a state worthy calling a beggar. Friends I trusted so much, the people I thought would fight stand beside me, were actually wolves in sheep clothing so they make a choir to laugh at my failures and exaggerate my mistakes, putting them on a microscope and magnifying them by 1000x.
This is my life and now am full of frustration because of this flirtation during the duration of stagnation in muddy, shallow and dirty water. I have tried t to put myself to be putting me in a reverse gear. I now retire because am tired of pursuing dreams that just remain dreams am now forced to get relief from kantobo and his brothers because spin last spinned around so now just sing the song red wine, red red red wine. The fruit I once so much condemned the tender plant dearly by jah men. Prostitutes have become a part of my life so the little I make in day-day workings I give them to use for the needs so they respond positively to my desire. Thug life now is what defines me, I dress scantly with tattoos all over my body. As though I was not a follower of Christ but now my life is nothing to talk about, my past has been grasped in a moment of grief and anger.
Man born of a woman is but of few days, and these few days that he has to live he must scout, sweat, cry and sometimes loose his faith on the on the long run. Look at your eyes check in the mirror and look at your lips and see how swollen they have become and you are now tired so even lose your faith how unfortunely it is. Cry no more friends because enough is enough, you have tried to trust your friends but even them they leave you in despair, they leave you with reason but to cry all day that is what you think is right for the decision. I know you have been molested by sexually hungry men, I know you been lied to by the handsome men you so much trusted, I know you have lost your parents before your establishment, harassments are all over your world and now your heart is broken into pieces, yet others still feel what you are going through is not enough and they come to trample upon that which you are leaning upon. The cruel hand of death extends itself on you and takes away your mother and father and smiling is like swallowing a bitter peel because you have no reason to smile, you try to get advice from people and it sounds right but in its reality its mockery and misleading. Your world is now filled with traitors and haters and they stand united against you as though its Manchester united playing against Chelsea but cry no more.

Never give up, but hold on a little longer even when all seems to give way just press on. When all your pillars are sinking don't give up and cry no more but hold on to the giant of galilee, God loves you and he has always loved you even before time. He has never gone on a holiday because his eyes are just on you, he never goes to sleep, he might have had blinked for a moment but he is not ignorant about your sorrows nor your situation so am giving you this warrant that in a little while he will appear. Cry no more because God never fails so he will not fail you either. When all hope is lost, when your pillars sink because of having been shaken cry not, when death strikes your family just look to the heavens, when hatred around you is steadily increasing don't give up to satisfy your enemies but challenge them by kneeling down in prayer seeking for heavenly escort, sin is never a solution to grief alcohol and ganger are not a best solution to anger and frustration but Jesus is the answer. Now wipe away your tears, wipe them out and cry no more because GOD CARES AND HE DELIGHTS NOT IN YOUR SORROWS AND HE IS HERE TO FIX YOUR PROBLEMS

Wipe Away Your Tears
Trubute to Choolwe Muyaba, Brother man you worked had on this piece my hands are for you
Roxanne Dubarry 17 April 2017

My heart bleeds for you my fellow Christian brother in Christ Jesus! Life may not be fair, but God is good, and he really does care about his children!

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JACOB MODERO LANGA 15 October 2016

great piece big up keep the fire fire burning

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Rose Kanana 05 September 2016

quite an emotional piece keep writing

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Preston Mwiinga 06 September 2016

Thanx so Much Rose, The piece was coming from the heart. I glad you like it

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Charles Zult 05 April 2016

this is very nice sir

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Preston Mwiinga 03 May 2017

Thanx a lot Zult

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Preston Mwiinga 08 April 2016

Thanx alot boss im so humbled

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