Wise Owl Poem by Annalee Somerville

Wise Owl

</>It’s time for me said the owl,
Time to take to the sky,
I live my life for others,
And my life slowly passes by.

Always known as the helper,
Just at times unable to see,
That there are certain humans,
They aren’t that good for me.

I sit high in the trees,
Looking down to oversee,
People that are wounded,
Their spirits I help set free.

I start with baby steps,
Teach them how to fly,
To look beyond their experience,
But they always ask me why.

I don’t have all the answers,
To these cards that you were dealt,
What I do know is the true way,
I'll try to help you figure out.

With that the owl flew away,
Deep into the dark night,
The moon silhouetted him,
Then he flew out of sight.

I sat there in the darkness,
Thinking of his message told,
Like that wise owl I’m a helper,
With my life so cheaply sold.

I decided in that moment,
Sitting with Grandmother Tree,
That I’m just as important,
As those spirits I try to help see.

That from this moment on,
I walk this path for me,
To stay with my purpose,
That’s my new motto and creed.

© 2011 Wind Songs Spiritual Poetry

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