Sunday, May 21, 2006

Writing About - Hope Comments

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Every human being living on this earth hope for something
Poor people hope that one day money will come their way
The rich folks hope to multiply their assets before long
Several men hope for a wife who is as caring as their mother


nobody anonymous 27 August 2007

Hi there The poem is so true. Every man and women hopes for something. Though those who refuse to see the beauty of the nature of hope claims that humans are just never satisfied, I strongly believe that hope is a very powerful driving force that keeps us going. Well observed indeed! Though not all college students long for a more generous boyfriend (I long for one that cares for me instead; -))

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Ina Gabrielsen 19 June 2006

hi! your poem was beautyful. I read it right now, and I think it was inspirational. if my english isn't very proper it may be because I am from Norway and not an english expert. anyway, the poem was wonderful!

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