Writing For Readers Poem by Alexander Julian

Writing For Readers

Can I "create" my own audience?
No, not really.
I cannot create people.
I can talk to people.
I can write to readers.
I can chat with a girlfriend.
I can debate with a political opponent.
I can have a conversation with strangers and friends.
But, I cannot create people.
I can appeal to people, of course.
I can influence people.
I can hear people.
I can see people.
I can shake hands with gentlemen and hug ladies.
But, I cannot "create" my own audience.
That's just not possible.
Sure, I know writers and authors want to create their own readers.
But, no.
They can't.
Readers will be who readers will be.
We can't really control that.
Yeah, I can tell my readers in my poem and say,

"You will turn into a frog and you will weigh 5 pounds."

Are you a frog yet?
Do you weigh 5 pounds now?
No, probably not.
I don't think frogs can read my poem.
You are probably a human.
I can't turn you into another animal.
I cannot "create my own character" and such.
You are who you are.
I may need to respect that.
Besides, readers cannot create their own writers.
A reader can talk to me and say,

"I want my author to be a giant soldier."

That's kind of funny!
You're probably joking.
But, can I suddenly just become a giant soldier?
I don't think so.
I have a disability.
My body is overweight and non-athletic.
Yeah, I know a reader probably wants me to be a giant soldier.
But, can the reader "create me" and turn me into a giant soldier with magic?
No, of course not.
Any belief like that would just be a superstition.
I cannot turn into an elephant with magic.
I cannot turn into a donkey with magic.
Yeah, sometimes I would like to turn into a unicorn.
But, magic and reality do not exactly mix well together.
And, a business cannot create their own customers.
A business can talk to me and say,

"I will turn you into a music fan and make you listen to music."

Would that make sense?
No, not really.
Maybe I don't like the music.
The music is what it is.
But, I am who I am.
Sometimes I like heavy metal music.
Sometimes I like jazz music.
Sometimes I like folk music.
My music preference is usually a habit for privacy of entertainment.
Even if I talk about music in public, I am who I am.
Sometimes I like music.
Sometimes I do not like music.
Maybe I need to read Theology books and observe a quiet room.
God makes people.
God creates us.
Do authors create their readers?
No, of course not.
Authors are not gods.
Authors just write literature.
So, I hope I'm pleasing my readers with my philosophy of life.
Yes, I can talk to you and give you ideas.
But, you are who you are and I am who I am.
That's all.

Saturday, May 20, 2023
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