You'Re Not Alone Poem by SarahLaney Long

You'Re Not Alone

Rating: 4.5

I'll always be here,
No matter what you say,
Don't let go,
It's gonna be ok.

Don't hold back,
I'm here for you,
Take my hand,
I'll pull you through.

I need you,
Just like you need me,
You can't let go,
I couldn't set you free.

You're like my little sister,
You mean a lot to my heart,
I'm always gonna be there,
When you fall apart.

If you start to slip,
I start to slip too,
Because it kills me,
To know of the pain you go through.

I'd take it all away,
And live it today,
You say you want to go,
But I think you should stay.

I have full faith in you,
I know you can hold on,
Take some of my strength,
Don't cry all alone.

I'll dry your tears,
Hold you for a while,
I can't promise to make you laugh,
But I can try to help you smile.

You're my precious gem,
Part of my whole life,
You're there when I need you most,
Helping me through my strife.

And I wanna be there for you,
So baby, please hold on?
Because you have got my hand to hold,
You don't need to do this alone.

nobody anonymous 13 September 2007

very comforting poem indeed. I can feel your outreach when reading this poem. It is indeed important to have someone offering their shoulders especially at times when you are down or when you are alone. thank you for the reassurance posted.

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