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Your Fist..My Best Friend - Poem by Barbara (Poetik) Koro

Your fist became my best friend.
It has made connections with my face over and over again.
It has become my boisterous companion.
Similar to the closeness of two very close friends.

Your fist has caused me to have bruised and swollen eyes.
Red, purple to black cheeks protruding...not from inherited
or store bought beauty.

Hell, who am I fooling?
The fist can Kill!
It's killed my hopes, it's stifled my dreams.

Your fist has pummeled away at my very soul and at the
remainder of my self esteem.
I allowed it to continue. You knew I wear my heart on my sleeves.
If I allow it to continue indefinitely, I will cease to breathe.

My pillow is soaked with the flood of my tears.
Whenever you are around you escalate my fears.

My warped sense of love tells me if I leave I will regret it.
My mind tells me 'This is who he's better than being alone.
Just accept it.'

I once found you to be so charming, to the point it was alarming!
And in my eyes, you were exciting... your touch was so inviting.

All of a sudden, friends and family are no longer permitted to visit.
And why? ? ? It's because you'd prefer to keep me all to yourself
you hesitantly admitted.

I stayed because I believed that I was needed.
Then, I got to thinking: 'Am I truly in love with this man or is it
that I am afraid to be out on the street?

I've walked away more than once....before others I put up a brave
front. I can't think, I can't focus. I am always frightened!
One thing is for sure, rather than to deal with this...I'd rather stand
under a tree during a rainstorm and get struck by lightning!

Sure, you would apologize again and again. Each time promising there
will be no more...It's the end. Then you'd wrap those big arms around
me and tell me that you love me.

But how can that possibly be?
Not the way you treat me?
In this relationship there is no equality!

Now I move in a different direction to avoid any and all confrontation.
I am now leaving this rather volatile situation.

A parting of the ways this time or so it seems.
Yes, I have said it before so I'm sure you don't believe me.

But I think it's high time me and your fist became bitter enemies.

(c) Barbara K.09/05

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 29, 2006

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