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Hi My Name Is Tempestt Cole! ! I was Born In Lexington mo! I go to church! Greater New Home Baptised Church! I Love To Prays Dance For My Church! UUMMM I Love To Play Basketball And i love to run track for my skoo! ! ummmmmmmmm i used to have two sisters! but one of them died! Her name was nytieasha Renee cole! ! she died feb 12 2007! ! she was murdered! ! I loved her dearly.She was like a bested friend i had never had! ! But It Was a sad tratic! ! ummmm i have a Boyfriend named Immanuel aka manny-poo i call him! ! Hes a great wounderful guy! ! I Love Him To Death! ! Mabe One Day He`ll Make Me His Wify! ! LOL He's EveryThing i eva Wanted! ! He Is A real Man Not A lil Boii Like Sum Boys out there! ! But Umm I Love To Sing to.lol I Also Love My Mother Shes Like An Angle But With Out Her IDK Wut I would Do With Out Her! ! ! Oh And I Almosted Forgot I Love My Sisa Jazmine Cole Even Thou She Gets On My Eva Lastin Nerves LOL But I Love Her To! ! Shes Like A Best Friend To Me To I Dont Know Wut I Would Do With Out Her Eaither! ! Im A Very Nice Girl I Promis! ! LOL The Only Thing Bout Me Is That I DOnt Like Liers That Be Liein On Me All The Time So If You Are A Hater Then Get Off My Page! ! ! Will Thats All you Should Know Bout Me So Peace out With Love! ! ! lol

~~~~~pumpkin cole~~~~~~~~~

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You Are My......

You are my life support, with out you I'd die.
You are my air with out you I'd suffocate.
You are my one, my only.
My love I love you Manny Poo.

Made By Pumpkin Cole

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