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My Sister, My Friend

Today, I feel like I've spent all of my life wandering
Waiting for some kind of miracle, for someone or something,
I feel like being a unique child was written in my fate
Because meeting my sister wasn't meant to make me wait.
I know that now the waiting is over, no more emptiness,
Because I met the one who could take me from my loneliness.

I know you are not perfect, but who would care
Perfection is nothing but a heavy burden to bear,
I know that since we became friends one year has gone by
But I've stopped counting the days: time is a lie,
I know that I knew you before I breathed my first breath
And that I will know you long after my death.

It happened almost a year ago, a second I won't forget
It was only one or two months after we really met
During a class, I was sleeping then started to open my eyes
You were half asleep, half sitting-half lying with no ties,
But the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew
That for you, anything, just anything, I would do.
That feeling struck me, like a full speed train
I was still sleepy, but I was far from being insane.
Then I completely woke up, and I understood, that day
That my life was just a path leading me to your way.

I might not know anything about your past
But I feel like I know every second you got past,
I might not know everything you have been through
But I know that the sorrow I see in your eyes is true,
I might not know how to erase it for a while
But I know that I can always try to make you smile.

I do not want to know your life or your story
Because to me, you will always be a mystery,
The present is all I care about, and you are the present
You are the reason that makes every day pleasant.

I don't know how many friends I lost through the years
I don't know how many times my eyes have poured tears
But I know that when I met you, I lost every single fear
Because you gave me more than a million reasons to cheer,
Because you gave me peace, and you gave me security
Because you knew how to throw in my life some serenity,

Because you were ideal in a single word
And you were unique in an immense world.

I know that I never told you what is on this paper
And that I always told myself: it should happen later...
But time is going by, and losses are all my fright
So I should say what's on my heart, before this night
Since speaking is not my strength, I am using my rhymes
Forgive me, but I tried to talk and failed so many times.

There are so many things I would like to say
But I can't seem to get them out in any way,
These are buried in me, and there shall they stay
Until the end of eternity plus one day,
You got into my life and brought with you pleasure
Every moment I'm allowed to be with you, I treasure
And every moment I have to say goodbye, I hate
But I know that our next meeting won't be too late.

I now know that I was blessed since the start
Because in my life, you were meant to play a part.

I am really short of words and expressions...

I would like to add one sentence:
Thank you for being you,
For crossing my existence,
For everything that you do,
For being sociable and shy
For every moment we did share,
And the joy I couldn't deny,
For your attention, your care
For every smile, every word
Thank you again and again
For being in this world
My sister and my friend.

To May.

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