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Caroline-Just Their Baby Girl - Poem by Scarlet .....

hello world
you may not know me
but I know you
my name is Caroline
and I am only four
I am their baby girl
I have only seen part of you world
but for form what I see
I see there are problems
problems in my world
people are in a battle
a battle over my future
a battle for how I will live
where I will live
there are two sides
my mothers
my fathers
there are pros and cons of both
my mothers side
pro- she is my mother and every girl needs a mother
pro- she has money so I can live a easy life.
con- from what I see she does not want me she just want my father not to have me.
con- from what I see she would just hand me over to hired help, so that she can be with her true love. her wine.
my fathers side
pro- he fights for me and from what for I can see that he wants me, he doesn't just want me so that my mother will not have me. he wants me, for he loves me.
pro- I can see he will me there for me, for I can be daddy's little girl
con- he does not have the money my mom has, but money isn't everything. he has the love my mother doesn't.
con- I just don't understand why, why everyone else thinks I should not be with him. what do they see wrong with him, for I do not see one fault. am I missing something or are they wrong?
for this is what I have seen
for this is my world
so far
I don't know which side will win
will the battle
the battle for my future
for all I can do
is sit and watch this world go by
for this world doesn't know me
so I will just has to watch and see
watch and hope
hope the best side wins
for I can not do anything else
for I am only four
for I am Caroline
for I am just their baby girl

Comments about Caroline-Just Their Baby Girl by Scarlet .....

  • Rookie Igwe Kalu (9/10/2007 3:48:00 AM)

    sure cool - simple and captivating (Report) Reply

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  • Rookie Red Blooded Black Hearted (9/6/2007 9:31:00 PM)

    I'm surprised no one's commented on this beautiful poem! It's so sad and soulful! Beautifully written. I especially loved the way you were able to add pros and cons into the poem. That's really smart. Keep writing. (Report) Reply

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