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Baby Mine - Poem by Lovey Baldwin

O precious newborn in our home
Gift of God's great love divine.
May caring angels smile on you
Baby mine, O Baby mine.

Then as you walk the path of life,
May God's grace on your path shine
and keep you ever in his will
Baby mine, O, Baby mine.

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  1. Will You Be My Baby Tonight?

    Will you be my baby tonight? Or will you be my lover? Will you whisper 'turn out the light' Or will there be another Less enticing way of saying It's time to go to sleep Will you close your eyes awake So you can secrets keep. Will you want me for yourself? Or want yourself untouched? Will you hear me crying soft When this all gets too much? Will you be my baby tonight? Or will i be your chattel Will you be my baby tonight? Or shall we resume battle? Will you admit of some sweet words Or will nods and noise suffice Were you ere my baby tonight Just once and maybe twice Will you be my baby tonight? Or will you be my lover? Will you be my baby tonight? Or hide beneath the cover?

  2. Baby, Not One More Dime

    A parody of Britney Spear's Baby, One More Time Oh baby, baby How was I supposed to know That our marriage would come to a end like this God, what a mess Oh baby, baby You should know I saw you with that ho And now you're out of sight, yeah I'm gonna show you how it's gonna be Telling the judge, baby Cos he needs to know now Oh because Chorus Your greediness is killing me I must confess I can't believe that you want that much cash For that I should kick your lazy ass Won't be your wife much longer Oh baby, don't think I'm gonna be paying your bills anymore From now on You can stand by the roadside with a sign Cos ohh baby, baby Oh no No, no, no You're not getting Baby, not one more dime Oh baby, baby The reason I'm almost broke is you Boy, you had me blinded Oh pretty baby There was nothing that you would't ask for It's not gonna work out the way that you planned it I'm gonna show you how it's gonna be Telling the judge baby Cos he needs to know, now Oh because Repeat chorus Oh baby, baby How was I supposed to know? Oh pretty baby I want you to know I saw you with that ho I must confess that your greediness is killing me Don't you know? I can't believe that you want that much cash For that All I'm gonna give you is this A sign so you can stand out on the side of the road Telling everybody worldwide That from me Kevin Federline You won't be getting No No, oh no, no, no You won't be getting Baby, not one more dime 2007 Ramona Thompson

  3. Blue Baby-08

    Blue Baby, we love you alot Yup Baby, even though you're gone Loca's Baby, like your other sibling Blue Baby, your memory will go on God Baby, I was to be your godmother Sweet Baby, I'll still love you the same Man Baby, were so sad that you left us Blue Baby, I will never forget your name

  4. Live Baby, Oh Baby; ; Live To Your Best Ability

    life without regrets, you only get one chance. try your best, it might be the last. breathe without skipping a second, laugh with all your heart. life may be a nightmare, take some action and change it. change it into a dream, the most magical one it can be. stop for a second, just to smell the roses. jump on your bed, look at the clouds. dance like no one is watching, sing and dance in the rain. let your mascara run, smile about your screwups. dress to be different, only to express yourself. smile to make someone else smile, laugh at a joke you heard yesterday. draw a picture, even if you're horrible. sing out loud like an idiot, help someone random. cry when you laugh, laugh when you're alone. live like there's no tomorrow, even when you feel like hopeless. love someone without trying, smile at everyone in sight. take things slow, remember everything. walk in the rain, kiss in the rain. have a snowball fight, with styrofoam. buy a new cd, of a band you never heard of. try something new, no matter how daring. heartbreaks don't matter, he never did care. trust people you love, love the trust that is given. watch the clouds float by, as if you had the time.

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