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Happy Birthday Doc - Poem by David Harris

For all of us on Poemhunter,
Doc means Doc Wilde.
A poet of distinction
and a good friend.
Whose love for his wife
pours over every line he writes.
Not to forget his faith,
which he is not afraid to show,
nor must we forget the friendship
of which he so readily displays.
Well, Doc today is your birthday,
may you have a wonderful one,
filled with love and peace,
for all your family and friends,
whom all want to share it with you.
This friend from across the ocean
has but one more thing to say.
Have a Happy Birthday my dear friend,
from me to you.
Have a wonderful day of celebration,
and may God Bless You today and always.

Comments about Happy Birthday Doc by David Harris

  • Firoze Shakir Bollywoods Most Wanted Poet Of India 9/30/2007 7:04:00 AM

    Dear David the 10 is for a new friendship through doc and Hubcap Shithead my distant cousin.. Reply

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  • Andrew mark Wilkinson 9/30/2007 3:54:00 AM

    Best wishes to the birthday boy... happy brithday doc..10 Reply

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  • Alison Cassidy 9/30/2007 3:50:00 AM

    I do believe you've covered the lot - in this wonderful tribute to the beautiful Doc. Let's all hope he has a beautiful day with Sharona Lee and all his tribe. Happy Birthday Doc. You Rock! love, Allie and Jerry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Reply

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  • Emancipation Planz 9/30/2007 2:06:00 AM

    Is it really love and hugs day.... - thanks David - I'm with you on this one - thanks for letting me know... hope more people are around to blow candles on the cake of wilde fire! Reply

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    Your birthday is a special day to you, That brings fond memories of your earthly birth, And thoughts of expectations high, anew; It is a day you grow older with mirth! With each birthday, you feel wiser and bright: That success in your life is somewhat near; You make your mind to continue your fight, And try to live your life without much fear. ’Tis good to celebrate one more birthday; Thank God for His kindness, protection, love; Abide in Him and fervently do pray; Our earthly life should markedly improve! But never feel sadder on your birthday; Feel proud to walk beside God in His way. 7-5-2002

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    If I could make you happy by surrounding you with beautiful things I'd plant for you a magnificent garden to make your birthday as beautiful as Spring Sunflowers as tall as you are bright yellow petals around the brown for you to enjoy, to bring you cheer and never again would you frown I'd put rows and rows of lillies of purple, pink and yellow where you can watch them dance in the wind as if they were waving to you HELLO! Marigolds and violets compliment your walk water lillies would float in the pond Fragrant lilacs and bleeding hearts in every hue of which my mother was so fond Rhododendrons and jasmine to keep you company by the bench where you sit so you could be admist God's beauties as you write your poems to uplift You can gaze all day at the roses at play while the baby's breath follow their cue Black-eyed Susan's and Forget-Me-Nots because I love the color of blue For what your friendship means to me my friend so thoughtful and pure I'd wish for you the most lovely of birthdays that through time and distance, could endure I'd give to you what my mother has done before this world she did part... Created for me, the garden for all to see, knowing it's where she has left her heart. October 11,2007

  3. A Happy Birthday To Jerry - Poet Laureate ! ! !

    And may I be permitted to include my happy wishes for this aging dude? I've nothing but respect for him of course, but struth I feel the same about a horse! ! ! ! What puzzles me and gives me sleepless nights, is how the heck he found his Lady Love? It's proof to me again, because by rights he should have been berated from above. Ye Gods have seen his seven decades pass and Jerry knows some went like rotten gas. I know he pays attention more to life since being blessed with her, a lovely wife. I raise my glass and toast you in the name of he who fearlessly still leads us well. So let us goose-step boldly to the game but tread with care and lightly, into Hell. There is a reason, as you know to choose, no loving women will be serving booze up in that prim and proper place, my friend. And you and I have needs up to the end. A Very Happy Birthday to the best Warrior in our Forces!

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    Some years ago A star was born A beautiful girl With a heart so warm You grew into a woamn A wonderful sight to see I still get so excited When ever you look at me Another year has quickly passed But you don't show your age Its just another verse for you To write down on a page The book of life you're writing Is a continuing story The pages in your book I'm sure are filled with glory As your day approaches I wanted to send you a cheer I hope for your next birthday I can somwhow be near So, have a Happy Birthday For you deserve the best This is not just something That I say in jest From my heart I truly mean it I hope your day is great I hope my Birthday wish for you Does not arrive too late 3-27-08/RjH