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(569) Whipping Cancer The Old Fashioned Way

We all have Cancer cells, of that I’m sure you know,
but there is a way to keep them from growing fast or slow.

Cancer is an enemy we don’t want to see,
our plan must be to eradicate completely.

Let’s take it step by step to see what we can do,
get rid of that cancer, out of me, out of you.

Say good-bye to sugar, a big old cancer feeder,
perhaps, a little Manuka honey or molasses, if you really need a sweetener.

Throw away that table salt, it harbors a chemical to make it white.
Bring out Bragg’s aminos or sea salt to keep it right.

Milk, a source of calcium we know, but in a cancerous body,
helps the big “C” to grow and grow.

Milk causes the body to produce mucus, a cancer feeder.
Say good-bye to regular milk and invite soy milk to meet her.

All substitutes used, must be unsweetened of course,
now let’s move on to get the final course.

Meat is a culprit, beef and pork,
eat fish, and a little chicken of sorts.

Cancer loves acid, so alkaline we must go,
I’m here to help you, let’s get on with the show.

Make up your diet of 80% fresh vegetables and juice,
throw in some whole grains, seeds, nuts and a little

Take the other 20% and cook up some good food, now
don’t forget those beans, they’ll keep you on the groove.

Here’s the kicker, don’t you forget it.
if you don’t have a juicer, go on out and get it.

Juicing is the answer to a mean old cancer story,
fresh vegetable juices will bring us to glory.

Live enzymes will appear, reaching deep down to
to the core, where cellular levels are there for sure.

It only takes a few minutes to do the work, so what are we
waiting for? Hurry! ! ! Let’s go down to the grocery store.

No more coffee, no more tea, no ouch! no more chocolate?
not for me, cause I’ve got to get rid of the big “C”.

Green tea to the rescue, I know that’s good for me, filtered
water is a must, you’ll see.

Some supplements are key and the body reacts favorably,
building up the immune system which we all want to see.

Don’t forget to keep yourself moving, exercise has its part,
giving you strength and a very strong heart.

Now you must do the research to see what works best for you.
Do it right, think smart, now you can start.

Keep a clear head, have a positive view, negativity has no place
around you.

Keep in mind, you walk in your own shoes and no one knows
your body as well as you do..

Written: Oct.27,2007

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