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**land Of Chocolate ** - Poem by Allen Steble

I took a walk out of the ordinary today
i didn't work, rest, nor did i play
i walked out my front door with a wish
a wish that i could walk to a chocolate land
so i closed my eyes and imagined...
and there it was in my mind...
a fudge chocolate gate stood in front of me
i ran up to it with urgency
to my surprise the gate was locked and could not be opened
a note in white chocolate stared me in the face
it simply said in big bold itallycs
'please eat your way through the fudge gates'
and so i did...(i took a huge bite and chewed and chewed)
i bit one whole bar off this fudge gate
(and because i'm imagining it, my hunger is never satisfied
and i can not get sick, WaaHaa!)
i finished my BAR of chocolate and huddled through

I could hardly believe what lay before me
the clouds where only forty feet above the ground
and they were made from vanilla fairy floss
there was a light rain in the near distance
i ran over and cupped my hand to try some
(sip sip) it tastes like a strawberry smoothy
i looked down at the rough multi-coloured footpath
my was a long, long rocky road
it stretched all the way over the curved horizon
so when i went to tie my loose shoelaces
i ripped a handful of rocky road and ate it(as i chew and chew)
i point my finger to the west
there are three fast flowing rivers flowing to the south
i hurry over to the first and taste....(sip sip) its Coca Cola(as fizzy as ever)
i scramble over to the next and salivate...(slirp) its thick rich chocolate milk(smooth as silk)
i hussle over toward the forth and gulp it in...(sip slirp) its a vanilla thick shake(with swimming jelly snakes) oh how unbelievably DELICIOUS!

I dance, skip and prance like a twelve year old boy
i flip about and raise my arms with an endless joy
i see a mountain just over yonda (in the near distance)
standing at the top waving his hand, wow! , its Willy Wonka
he starts rolling giant Maltesers down the slope
i grope with amazement and look at the surrounding forrest
a chocolate mousse swamp surrounded by sugar trees(with mint leaves and chocolate ball berries)
i jump into the mousse swamp and float in its thick fudge
then a chocolate crocodile surfaces with sharp white chocolate teeth and gives me a nudge
he said to me 'don't worry, in this world you can eat me' so i did! (in about three hours)
i get out of the swamp and trip on a dark rock near the edge just as i get out
the rock cracked open and out flowed smooth rich creamy caramel(so i dived onto it and devoured as much as my mouth could take)
as i get up i look forward, an abundance of roses just lay ahead
these wern't ordinary roses like in your garden bed, these were roses chocolates
each one a different flavour, a different texture, a different taste(all scrumtious)
the ground was littered with mars, snickers, twix, bounty and licorice
i look up beyond the fairy floss clouds and see millions of milky way swirling and flying above
i look all around and notice walls made of cadbury ten kilo blocks and triple choc dove
i take a step forward and trip on a log of biscuit waffers and chocolate, it says Time Out
and slowly my world melts and fades, fades and then disappears
i wake up back in the real world and i'm slouched over the letter box biting my mail
my neighbour is staring at me and says
'are you feeling OK today? '

Comments about **land Of Chocolate ** by Allen Steble

  • Rookie - 31 Points Elisha Wilson (7/17/2013 7:41:00 AM)

    Hahaha what a funny and lovely poem. The most delicious poem I have read. Yummy! (Report) Reply

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    0 person did not like.
  • Rookie Teresa Dearing (1/13/2009 6:29:00 AM)

    How deliciously delightful and yummy. Nicely done and the subject matter was very appealing in the best way. T (Report) Reply

    3 person liked.
    0 person did not like.
  • Rookie - 0 Points Kite Remedy (1/9/2009 12:32:00 AM)

    delicious poem with sweet and dreamy flavor,
    well penned, my friend. keep it up.. (Report) Reply

    4 person liked.
    0 person did not like.
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