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Ebony And Ivory, Chocolate And Vanilla, It’s Grey To Me - Poem by Joe Rosochacki

Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony
Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh lord why don’t we?
Paul McCartney

It’s a Simple Idea right? WRONG! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
First of all what white keys are sounding with black keys make a difference,
Whether they’re harmonious or not, whether the intervals produced consonant,
Or perhaps dissonant, it is all from your point reference,
The piano comes from the well tempered clavier that was in fact,
--out of tune itself.
(This completes the music theory part of this observation)
Despite the fact the pianos as a rule sound out of tune; a piano is reminiscent
--Of the song,
Paul sang with Stevie, I wonder why Michael, (he wasn’t BAD then) , was not brought forth?
Alice Tate, PhD., whom I had the ill-pleasure of living with,
under her auspices,
(When I was the only one in her group home following my stays in hospitals and various homes of family) ,
Is a professor at Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant.
I audited some her classes which were based upon race in the media and communication.
She was and still is racist, and somehow confused July 4,1776
With The Emancipation Proclamation,
Being of one track mind racially motivated, she did choose
After all she was African-American and she promoted her views,

(What ever happened to Black Power! Black Power! ? , Alice had hoped to go to Ghana, Her Roots as she would put it, she was active in supporting the Black Panthers, etc. What did she think as the runners who won the gold, lifted up their black gloves and bowed their heads in the Olympics at Mexico City? She agreed with them, O. J. was framed; Michael Jackson had no plastic surgery and was not a pedophile.)

In the ALANA Project, (African-Americans, Latin-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native-Americans,)
But she had her students define white people as white, I resented that,
For I am Euro-American, not white,
Michael Jackson is really white,
I’m darker than him in the summertime and that is a fact.
On watching the movie “The DaVinci Code” she stated to me that Jesus was black.
Black, she said 'because he had nappy hair',
I informed her that Jesus wasn’t black, (dang it, sorry, African-American) or Hollywood (Jeffrey Hunterish) white, Jesus was Jewish,
Middle-Eastern Semitic looking, by far from being Yiddish.

She was convinced like so many blacks (pardon me African-Americans) that Bill Clinton,
Was the first black, oh no I did it again,
African-American president a la Toni Morrison
Alice was going to vote for Hillary if she ran for president.

(She must have thought Hillary would make a fine second black, I’m Sorry, African-American president and was a woman,)

That was before Barack entered the race, which race does he belong to?
He is half and half, a hybrid, half breed according to Cher, the former Bono,

(Half-breed, that's all I ever hear, Half-breed, how I learned to hate the word, Half-breed, she's no good they warned
Both sides were against me since the day I was born)
Barack is being described as the first African-American presidential contender,
(Although his mother is white or shall I say Euro-American)
Reverend Jesse Jackson even the Reverend Al Sharpton, had made the bid,
Some say that they were The Great Pretenders.

(Oh yes, I'm the great pretender Pretending that I'm doing well
My need is such; I pretend too much I'm lonely but no one can tell.)

That was Bill Clinton’s inference to Barack to the Great Pretenders a few weeks ago,
Following the South Carolina Primary,
Some Afro-American politicians questioned Barack were black enough.
I am not a member of the KKK, NAZI, White Supremacists Movement,
I am firm believer what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he has his dream,
(About character of people overshadowing their race)
And Malcolm X stood for,
When he completed his Hajj,

(When he attempted to break away from Black Muslim Movement, after he found out he was worshiped Allah along with many people of many races.)

I believe firmly in equality,
therefore I choose to be called Euro-American, not white, of African descent,
Without malice,
I am a descendant of Lucy, not Ricky Ricardo,
According many anthropologists and Alice.


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