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Chocolate Is Good For The Heart - Poem by Monica Stelly

Chocolate will never judge you.
Chocolate goes great with any occasion.
It is always there for you no matter the situation.
It is something you can count on to help solve your difficult problems.
Chocolate can help mend a broken heart.
Chocolate is good for the mind, body, and soul.

Comments about Chocolate Is Good For The Heart by Monica Stelly

  • Nathan Pigott 9/3/2006 7:06:00 AM

    You're quite right Monica! Love it Reply

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  • Peter A. Crowther 12/23/2005 1:37:00 PM

    I read this week an article that said dark chocolate is literally good for the heart; in moderation it helps prevent heart attacks so this poem is very percipient and deserves a higher rating Reply

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    I love chocolate cake. And when I was a boy I loved it even more. Sometimes we used to have it for tea and Mum used to say, 'If there's any left over you can have it to take to school tomorrow to have at playtime.' And the next day I would take it to school wrapped up in tin foil open it up at playtime and sit in the corner of the playground eating it, you know how the icing on top is all shiny and it cracks as you bite into it, and there's that other kind of icing in the middle and it sticks to your hands and you can lick your fingers and lick your lips oh it's lovely. yeah. Anyway, once we had this chocolate cake for tea and later I went to bed but while I was in bed I found myself waking up licking my lips and smiling. I woke up proper. 'The chocolate cake.' It was the first thing 1 thought of. I could almost see it so I thought, what if I go downstairs and have a little nibble, yeah? It was all dark everyone was in bed so it must have been really late but I got out of bed, crept out of the door there's always a creaky floorboard, isn't there? Past Mum and Dad's room, careful not to tread on bits of broken toys or bits of Lego you know what it's like treading on Lego with your bare feet, yowwww shhhhhhh downstairs into the kitchen open the cupboard and there it is all shining. So I take it out of the cupboard put it on the table and I see that there's a few crumbs lying about on the plate, so I lick my finger and run my finger all over the crumbs scooping them up and put them into my mouth. oooooooommmmmmmmm nice. Then I look again and on one side where it's been cut, it's all crumbly. So I take a knife I think I'll just tidy that up a bit, cut off the crumbly bits scoop them all up and into the mouth oooooommm mmmm nice. Look at the cake again. That looks a bit funny now, one side doesn't match the other I'll just even it up a bit, eh? Take the knife and slice. This time the knife makes a little cracky noise as it goes through that hard icing on top. A whole slice this time, into the mouth. Oh the icing on top and the icing in the middle ohhhhhh oooo mmmmmm. But now I can't stop myself Knife - 1 just take any old slice at it and I've got this great big chunk and I'm cramming it in what a greedy pig but it's so nice, and there's another and another and I'm squealing and I'm smacking my lips and I'm stuffing myself with it and before I know I've eaten the lot. The whole lot. I look at the plate. It's all gone. Oh no they're bound to notice, aren't they, a whole chocolate cake doesn't just disappear does it? What shall 1 do? I know. I'll wash the plate up, and the knife and put them away and maybe no one will notice, eh? So I do that and creep creep creep back to bed into bed doze off licking my lips with a lovely feeling in my belly. Mmmmrnmmmmm. In the morning I get up, downstairs, have breakfast, Mum's saying, 'Have you got your dinner money?' and I say, 'Yes.' 'And don't forget to take some chocolate cake with you.' I stopped breathing. 'What's the matter,' she says, 'you normally jump at chocolate cake?' I'm still not breathing, and she's looking at me very closely now. She's looking at me just below my mouth. 'What's that?' she says. 'What's what?' I say. 'What's that there?' 'Where?' 'There,' she says, pointing at my chin. 'I don't know,' I say. 'It looks like chocolate,' she says. 'It's not chocolate is it?' No answer. 'Is it?' 'I don't know.' She goes to the cupboard looks in, up, top, middle, bottom, turns back to me. 'It's gone. It's gone. You haven't eaten it, have you?' 'I don't know.' 'You don't know. You don't know if you've eaten a whole chocolate cake or not? When? When did you eat it?' So I told her, and she said well what could she say? 'That's the last time I give you any cake to take to school. Now go. Get out no wait not before you've washed your dirty sticky face.' I went upstairs looked in the mirror and there it was, just below my mouth, a chocolate smudge. The give-away. Maybe she'll forget about it by next week.

  2. Chocolate

    Chocolate is funny chocolate is fun you can spread it on your body you can lick it with your tongue you can chew it, you can drink it you can have it in the bath chocolate is funny it always makes me laugh Chocolate is funny chocolate is good you can have it for your breakfast as a substitute for food it can be orgasmic it can bring you paradise you can lie in bed and dream of it chocolate is nice.

  3. Dark Chocolate

    Wrapped in shinny wrappers, golden, red, silver and brown, chocolate, the king of sweets, everyone's favorite treat, dropp it in your mouth, it slips and melts, bitter sweet with nuts, lover's gift, chocolate kiss! Born in West Africa bred by little hands, little feet walked three days, on stale porridge and water, sweets they have heard not, schools they know not, only cocoa farms. With machetes in their hands, they chop the pods, often, when they swing too high, they strike their leg, often when they swing too low, they, strike their hand, hospitals they have none, muddy clothes they tear and tie the bleeding wounds, continue to collect the beans, for a child in the city might be throwing a tantrum, for his favorite sweet. Hungry hearts, candy bars, snakes bites, valentine's gift, gift of blood, spraying pesticides, dark, white and milk, pleasure trip, horror, blood and tears, cartoon strip, Easter egg, child labor, dark treats. When the men in uniform they arrive, the children hide the machete, and pretend to play, how can they for they know no games. The cocoa bean from black, muddy bleeding hands sit on the shelves of the finest stores where tiny soft pink hands pick them up From hand to hand the chocolate travels, sinned on the way bitter sweet, the chocolate's way. - 70k - -

  4. Adorable Chocolate...

    Adorable chocolate... melt me... melt me as a sweet candy... sweet chocolate... that chocolate which you adore... chocolate that you never be shared with anyone.. only you and your lips... melt me... taste me as your adorable chocolate... start from the first of your lips... till you get me there.. there between your tongue and throat.. keep me there to stay.. stay giving you a sweet nectar from me... there keep sucking me as that chocolate which you adore... keep do... don`t stop... till you get the last sweetest dropp of me... melt me... be drunk of the chocolate which i am giving you now... are you drunk now..? ? ... by:

  5. Chocolate And Vanilla, Nice Dream

    A beautiful Sunday afternoon Amid the estival breeze of a silent moon You and I did enjoy a few scoops Of our favorite dessert; oops, oops We hugged, kissed and teased each other And uneventfully realized when mixed together Chocolate and vanilla esthetically are wonderful Miraculous, incredible, visual and sensual. Voluminous kisses, voluptuous hugs Velvety waves and intermittent moaning Of ecstasy until the next morning Surprisingly, mosquitoes and bugs Stayed away, where we became one Darling! We do know how to have fun Chocolate and vanilla are two vital ingredients That nourished bodies and soul, soil and plants.