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Chocolate Day - Poem by Jim Yerman

In the past year I've written poems about many items we drink and eat
I've posted them to Facebook, they've even shown up in my Tweets.

Whatever I've said about other foods, today all seems so lame
Because today is reserved for chocolate- which puts all other foods to shame.

Did you know chocolate is considered a vegetable? It comes from the Cacao tree,
And vegetables, as everyone knows, are as healthy as can be.

So let me suggest a menu to start you on your way
And help you celebrate, as best you can, this year's Chocolate Day.

Start off your day with a chocolate cereal, Count Chocoula may be enough
You might try Cocoa Krispies, Cocoa Pebbles or how about Cocoa Puffs.

A nice tall glass of chocolate milk will keep your taste buds satisfied
And for those with an extra sweet tooth, a chocolate donut on the side.

About midmorning you'll feel like a snack- a chocolate candy bar will do
A Snickers or some Hershey's kiss will help to see you through.

For lunch a chocolate bagel as to chocolate you once again revert
Another glass of chocolate milk and chocolate pie makes a great dessert.

For a healthy mid-afternoon snack- chocolate covered raisins, there's no dispute
For the chocolate is your vegetable and the raisins are your fruit.

At dinner sip a chocolate liqueur or a chocolate martini and for heaven's sake
You've got to finish off your meal with a piece of chocolate cake.

Before you go to bed at night what shall be your late night chocolate source?
Why a bowl of chocolate ice cream covered with chocolate sauce, of course!

You'll smile through your chocolate dreams...Can there be a better way
To celebrate from start to finish this year's Chocolate Day?

I understand there may be people out there who find chocolate unappealing
Although for the life of me I cannot understand this strange and awful feeling.

If that's the case, if you hate chocolate, if you've never been Hershey Kissed
I suggest you immediately see a doctor who will recommend a therapist.

Therapy will help alleviate your symptoms, your craziness and your fear
And you'll be ready to celebrate with the rest of us, Chocolate Day next year.

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