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The Trolls Christmas - Poem by Bill Simmons

This is the story
Of Santa's sick day
When Christmas it came
In a quite different way

The North Pole was having
A raging bad storm
Santa's elves caught the flu
Every last one

The reindeer they too
They developed a sneeze
This flu was so nasty
It was really quite mean

When reindeer get sick
They just cannot fly
Why it would be
Such a disastrous sight

Because if they did
They might buzz up and down
If they wanted to go right
They just might go down!

The elves and the reindeer
Even the dwarfs and the gnomes
They were all sick with the flu
Even Santa Clause at home

Mrs. Clause she tried
She cared for every last one
And Christmas was coming
But this flu was to strong

She went to each one
And nursed them in their beds
She gave them remedies she made
To ease the sneezing in their heads

But it was no use
They were all just to sick
This would be a year to remember
There would be no St. Nick

Even Rudolph he tried
He would light up his nose
But each time he sneezed
Out it would go!

Yes, Santa was so worried
But what could he do
Christmas it must come
But he still had the flu

All of North Pole
They were sick in their beds
Christmas was coming
This was Santa's worst dread

They were all just to sick
The Dwarfs, the gnomes, and the elves
They couldn't help Santa
They were all sick themselves

'What can I do! '
Said Santa in his bed
As he dried his nose
And rubbed on his head

'There must be someone
In the pole that's not sick
Someone we can trust
And not play no tricks

There must be someone
Who can deliver our toys
For Christmas, it must come
Children must have their toys'

Then Mrs. Santa Clause said
It just popped in her head
'Why Santa, what about troll?
He's not sick in bed!

Trolls don't get sick
They just never do
If you can stand the smell
He might do it for you

He can drive a sleigh
They know about that
The only problem is
You might not get it back'

Santa thought for a moment
And said, 'You are right!
Sam the Troll, he will do
It might work, it just might!

A Troll is somewhat
Of a hideous thing
They have this strange tendency
To take little things

No one knows why
They do what they do
Sometimes it's because
It's just what they do

All Trolls they do
Seem to be scary and mean
With warts on their big nose
Their eyes so deep green

With a big hump on their back
They walk with a terrible slouch
I don't remember not meeting just one
That wasn't a bit rude or even a grouch

They have very long arms
And such very big hands
Why just the mere sight of just one
Might scare the daylights even of man'

Santa thought, then he said
'We must find Sam the Troll!
Bring him back here
Please hurry and go! '

So a few of Santa's elves left
As sick as they were
To bring back the Troll
From where ever he was

They knew where he lived
But had never been in
A Troll is not really
Any one's friend

They came to his home
They knew he was there
Cause only a troll
Can smell so bad in the air

They knocked on his door
From inside heard a thump
'We need you at the Pole! ' they said
'And you must hurry up! '

'Go away! ' said the Troll
As he opens the door
The elves they stood back
He smelled worse even more!

'Go away! ' said the Troll
'This is my home indeed
I don't like people
And they don't like me!

I don't have time
For ones such as you
Go away and leave now!
You puny elves you! '

'But Santa needs you! '
Said the elves standing back
'He said find you quickly
And fast bring you back! '

'Santa needs me? he said
'No! I think not!
I live here alone
Friends we are not!

I have my den
He has the pole
What for he need me?
I am just Troll! '

'Santa's in trouble!
He needs you! ' they said
'He said find you quickly
You must hurry! ' he said

The littlest elf
Was so scared of the Troll
She had stayed in the sled
And just peeked out her nose

'He smells bad and is scary! ' she said
'This terrible thing!
'What would Santa want
With such a Troll thing? '

The Troll said 'All right!
If in trouble I'll go
But if Troll doesn't like
Then Troll he goes! '

When they got back
To Santa's toy land
The other elves and dwarfs
Held their noses with their hands

This big scary thing
With long arms and big hands
Him being there to see Santa
They did not understand

But the littlest elf, she surprised everyone
She climbed out from where she hid in the sled
And said 'I understand! '
Then took her small hand
And wrapped it around the finger
Of a very large Troll hand

'If Santa needs you' she said
'Then there is nothing to fear
You will find him through this door
And the reason you are here'

Then the littlest elf tugged on his finger
As though there was something she wanted to ask
When the troll bent down so he could hear
She said, 'Sir, you really need a good bath! '

The Troll shrugged it off
Through the door walked on in
And there in his sick bed
Was Santa with a grin

'My word! ' said Santa
As he grabs his nose
You smell much worse
Than the stories I've heard told!

Dwarfs! said Santa, take this Troll
And give him a bath!
Then bring him back here
I have something to ask! '

The dwarfs grabbed the troll
And in a very big tub
With clothes pins on their noses
They scrubbed and they scrubbed

They scrubbed and they scrubbed
Top to bottom that Troll
And when they were done
He smelled like a rose

But his clothes wouldn't do
They smelled bad too
So they crafted for the Troll
A large Santa suit

When they were done
His being scary was undone
'You smell so nice! ' said the elf
The littlest one

The Troll said to Santa
'What have you done?
This is not me!
What have I become! '

'Sam the Troll' said Santa
'You are in great need
I need you for tonight
To pretend to be me! '

'Pretend to be you? ' said the Troll
'No can do that!
You are Santa
I'm not, that's that!

Pretend to be you
That won't ever do
Only one Santa
And that Santa you! '

Then the Troll he stopped
and stared at Santa's ring
He had never seen
such a sparkly thing

Oh how the gold
And the diamonds they shined
The Troll thought to himself
'This ring must be mine! '

'Troll he will go! ' said Troll
'If Santa give Troll ring
Troll want very much
Never seen such thing! '

Said Santa to the Troll
'You cannot have this ring
For this ring has magic
It's a magical ring

But if you like this ring
I'll tell you what I'll do'
Then Santa showed him his watch
Full of diamonds and jewels

'Oh! ' said the Troll
How it glittered and gleamed
It sparkled even more
Than the magical ring!

'Oh no! ' said the Troll
At the watch he looked close
'Poor Santa, I think
Your watch it is broke! '

Santa laughed and he said
'No, it is not my friend
This watch is for Christmas
It only needs one hand

Just look at it close
Where the big hand might be'
And sure enough it was
Clearly marked Christmas Eve

Santa said 'Troll
When you are back and are done
I will make you one just like it
Like no other one

You must heed my warning
And you must wear this ring
But remember it's power
It's a magical thing

You must not take
The little things that you do
Little things that so gleam
And shine brightly to you

I know for a Troll
This be a hard thing to do
But then again Sam the Troll
I know your heart it is true

Is there something else too?
You would like said Santa
Something that Troll holds dear? '
Sam looked down at his feet and he said
'Troll want a friend be near'

Santa laughed and he said
'But you do have friends
You need only to look about yourself! '
The Troll he did and as he looked right beside him
There she stood, the littlest elf

Santa then took off
His golden magic ring
And around Troll's neck
Put it on with a string

'When the reindeer they take you
To the rooftops they know
Just rub this ring
Through the chimney you'll go!

And this watch too!
You must have it on! '
It was to small for his big hands
So the dwarfs taped it right on

'This watch will stop time
So you can do in one night
What would otherwise take many
To make such a flight

The sleigh is all packed
And you are ready to go
There are just these few things
That you need and must know

The watch will stop time
Just at midnight for you
And it will not start again
Until you are through

Now Troll you must hurry!
You must get in the sled! '
The Troll he climbed in
As he rubbed on his head

'How do I know' said Troll
'Which way I must go? '
Santa laughed and he said
'The reindeer, they know! '

'How do I make them go? '
Said the Troll scratching his big head
'Just say the word, go!
And they will! ' Santa said

'Do you mean' said Troll 'Just say, Go? '
Right away the sleigh it took off!
As it circled about Troll cried out to Santa
'Now, how do I stop? '

'You cannot! ' cried out Santa
'Not until you are through!
But remember the reindeer
They still have the flu!

Don't turn right or turn left
Let them do what they do
They may sneeze still just a bit
But they will get there for you! '

Then off and away
The sleigh it too off
Christmas had begun
But without Santa Clause

The Troll was amazed
At such a thing
He flew almost to the moon
And then down again

When he looked down
It was a wonderful sight
For the towns were all decorated
With thousands of lights

'Beautiful! ' said Troll
'This not so bad thing to do! '
Then he heard his first roof top
Against reindeer hoofs

The reindeer they soon stopped
At their very first roof
They did still sniffle a bit
As they clomped their hoofs

The Troll he got out
And stretched out his hugh back
Then went over to the chimney
With Santa's red bag

He said at the chimney
'I must rub this ring? '
He did and it happened-
And he thought,
What an amazing such thing! '

For there he was now in this beautiful room
And inside this room was a wonderful tree
With garland and trinkets
And blinking lights he could see

There were stockings by the chimney that were hung
There were seven no doubt
As he approached each one
He counted them out

He reached into his bag
And he stuffed each one
And was just about to leave
When he thought he was done

He looked about the room
It was so pleasant indeed
He found a note that said, 'To Santa'
So he decided to read

The note said, 'Dear Santa'
'Here is something for you'
'Cookies and milk'
'I hope it will do'

The Troll said to himself
'This is ever so fine!
Tonight, I am Santa
That means this is mine! '

He drank all the milk
And each cookie he ate
But Troll being a Troll, when he left
He took the glass and the plate!

On the roof top he danced
And pranced all about
'This is wonderful! ' he said
I've figured it out!

I bring to them
And stuff each stocking with care
And they give to me!
What a wonderful share! '

He pulled out his plate
And waved it in the air
So proud of it he was
He held it with care

His weight shook the whole house
As he danced and pranced about
From inside it awoke a father
Whom from a window he looked out

It startled the Troll
When he seen the man's face in such a place
So he stuck his big green nose
Right in the man's face!

'Go back to bed! '
The Troll angrily said
The man did quickly
Pulled the covers right over his head!

The Troll he laughed
'That was so easily done!
This Christmas thing
It is really quite fun! '

All through the night
It was almost always the same
He stuffed the stockings with toys
And took what they gave

He would drink all the milk
All the cookies he ate
And each and every time
He took the glass and the plate!

But if something was close
Like a ham near his food
He thought it was his
And would take that too!

Throughout the whole night
As he made good his flight
He would give some poor dad sleeping
The scare of his life

Oh for the Troll
He was having so much fun
But this Santa's helper
Could scare anyone!

But then something happened
When he came to this one house
The room was so empty
Not even a couch

There was no tree
No trinkets, no lights
He thought to himself
'No stockings at all!
This cannot be right! '

He wondered and pondered
And paced about the room
'This room is not happy
This room is of gloom! '

There were no cookies and milk
'What's going on in here?
Can Santa be wrong
And no child live here? '

He just had to know
He just had to see
He opened the bedroom door
So he could take a peek

There in the bedroom
Was a little small bed
Where a small little girl
Still asleep rest her head

The Troll he came close
And he thought to himself
'Oh my, she looks just like,
The littlest elf! '

In the room he found
As he looked about
Where she had written a note
Then scribbled it out

'Dear Santa' it said,
As the Troll he read
'Daddy needs a job'
Was all that it said

The Troll he thought
What is this here?
For down on his cheek
Was one single tear!

His mouth fell open
He felt strange so
He touched it with his finger
At the tip of his nose

He stormed from the room
And was angry as could be
'I am not Santa!
How can this be! '

He paced and he paced
And he paced all about
There are no stockings to stuff
And no food here about!

Then a strange thing happened
It glowed, the ring
Such a brilliant glow
Like he had never seen

Then Santa's bag
As it laid on the floor
It began shaking and dancing
Right across the floor

The Troll grabbed the bag
And with a hand he reached in
Out came a tree!
Oh how the Troll grinned!

He reached in again
This time with both hands
Out came a turkey
And a very large ham!

He reached in the bag
Again and again!
Out came stockings and morsels and treats
There was no end!

He set the table
With all of his plates
Oh the feast they would have
When they would awake

He took one single glass
And one single plate
And he sat it on the table
As he himself he had ate

With a half glass of milk
And half a cookie laid there
The Troll was amazed
At how much he had cared

The stockings were stuffed
The room was now full
With a gleam in his eye
He was so full of pride

He went to the chimney
And he reached for the ring
He thought to himself
'Santa, you don't miss a thing! '

As he rubbed on the ring
Through the chimney he was sent
Still waiting was the sleigh
Back in it he went

Then out of nowhere a small voice it said
'You did really quite well'
He looked under his seat
It was the littlest elf

'That was the last
Time to go! ' she said
'I just wanted to make sure
It didn't go to your head'

The Troll he picked her up
He gave her a big hug
'Not bad, this thing! ' he said
'This thing they call love! '

The Troll then said 'Go! '
And the reindeer they took off
They circled round and about
Just like would Santa Clause

The Troll he leaned over
And with all of his might
Said, 'Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!
And to all a good night! '

When the Troll returned home
He was much and quite suprised
For when he opened his very own door
Santa, had found him a wife

There standing right beside her
And he smiled so to himself
His best friend in all the world
The littlest elf.

the end.

Copyright 2005 Bill Simmons

Author: When Cannons Fire & The Kingdom

Note: This work is currently seeking a childrens publisher, however,
Christmas shouldn't go by without a good bedtime story,
Merry Christmas and best wishes to you all', Bill Simmons

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