Classical Poems

Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
Jacques Prevert poet - Barbara - by Jacques Prevert
Rappelle-toi Barbara
Il pleuvait sans cesse sur Brest ce jour-là
5.63 3
Richard Lovelace poet o aAarantha; Tat sSe wWuld dDshevell hHr hHire by Richard Lovelace
5.32 3
Evie Shockley poet — Shall Become As — by Evie Shockley
You put this pen
in my hand and you
8.13 18
Richard Lovelace poet " To His Fairest Valentine Mrs. A. L. by Richard Lovelace
"Come, pretty birds, present your lays,
And learn to chaunt a goddess praise;
5.94 13
Robert William Service poet "?" by Robert William Service
If you had the choice of two women to wed,
(Though of course the idea is quite absurd)
6.32 30
Emily Jane Brontë poet "A Little While, A Little While..." by Emily Jane Brontë
A little while, a little while,
The weary task is put away,
5.74 15
Banjo Paterson poet "Ave Ceasar" by Banjo Paterson
Long ago the Gladiators,
When the call to combat came,
5.48 13
Thomas Hardy poet "Between Us Now" by Thomas Hardy
Between us now and here -
   Two thrown together
6.37 23
Eugene Field poet "Booh!" by Eugene Field
On afternoons, when baby boy has had a splendid nap,
And sits, like any monarch on his throne, in nurse's lap,
5.77 1
Emily Dickinson poet "Faith" Is A Fine Invention by Emily Dickinson
"Faith" is a fine invention
6.38 107
Robert William Service poet "Fighting Mac" by Robert William Service
A Life Tragedy
A pistol shot rings round and round the world;
5.80 14
Edith Matilda Thomas poet "Frost To-Night" by Edith Matilda Thomas
Apple-green west and an orange bar,
And the crystal eye of a lone, one star . . .
6.24 12
Robert Browning poet "Heap Cassia, Sandal-Buds And Stripes" by Robert Browning
Heap cassia, sandal-buds and stripes
Of labdanum, and aloe-balls,
5.47 11
Emily Dickinson poet "Heaven" Has Different Signs&Mdash;To Me by Emily Dickinson
"Heaven" has different Signs—to me—
6.04 46
Emily Dickinson poet "Heaven"—Is What I Cannot Reach! by Emily Dickinson
"Heaven"—is what I cannot reach!
5.91 49
Emily Dickinson poet "Houses"&Mdash;So The Wise Men Tell Me by Emily Dickinson
"Houses"—so the Wise Men tell me—
5.60 6
Thomas Hardy poet "How Great My Grief" (Triolet) by Thomas Hardy
How great my grief, my joys how few,
Since first it was my fate to know thee!
6.28 19
Thomas Hardy poet "I Have Lived With Shades" by Thomas Hardy
I have lived with shades so long,
5.93 4
Thomas Hardy poet "I Said To Love" by Thomas Hardy
I said to Love,
"It is not now as in old days
6.17 28
Emily Dickinson poet "I Want"&Mdash;It Pleaded&Mdash;All Its Life by Emily Dickinson
"I want"—it pleaded—All its life—
5.50 12
Banjo Paterson poet "In Re A Gentleman, One" by Banjo Paterson
We see it each day in the paper,
And know that there's mischief in store;
5.27 0
Robert Frost poet "In White": Frost's Early Version Of Design by Robert Frost
A dented spider like a snow drop white
On a white Heal-all, holding up a moth
6.39 41
Ella Wheeler Wilcox poet "It Might Have Been" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
We will be what we could be. Do not say,
"It might have been, had not this, or that, or this."
6.19 36
Stephen Crane poet "It Was Wrong To Do This," Said The Angel by Stephen Crane
"It was wrong to do this," said the angel.
"You should live like a flower,
5.42 1
William Carlos Williams poet "Libertad! Igualdad! Fraternidad!" by William Carlos Williams
You sullen pig of a man
you force me into the mud
5.72 23
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