Classical Poems

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Thomas Cowherd poet Verses On The Railroad Accident Near Copetown by Thomas Cowherd
March, with his usual terrors armed,
Resolved again to mark his flight
0.00 0
William Cowper poet Verses Printed By Himself On A Flood At Olney by William Cowper
To watch the storms, and hear the sky
Give all our almanacks the lie;
8.00 0
Mary Barber poet Verses Sent To A Lady, Who Took Delight In Ridiculing A Pe.. by Mary Barber
Should you employ your Ridicule,
On those who Pity claim?
4.93 0
Henry James Pye poet Verses Sent To The Corps Of Wantage by Henry James Pye
When loud Invasion with infuriate roar,
With boastful threatening shakes Britannia's shore;
5.06 0
Anne Brontë poet Verses To A Child by Anne Brontë
O raise those eyes to me again
6.23 5
Robert Burns poet Verses To Clarinda by Robert Burns
Fair Empress of the poet's soul,
And Queen of poetesses;
5.51 0
Robert Burns poet Verses To Collector Mitchell by Robert Burns
FRIEND of the Poet, tried and leal,
Wha, wanting thee, might beg or steal;
7.00 0
John Dryden poet Verses To Her Royal Highness The Duchess, On The Memorable.. by John Dryden
When, for our sakes, your hero you resigned
5.37 0
Dante Gabriel Rossetti poet Verses To John Tupper by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
5.14 0
John Betjeman poet Verses Turned... by John Betjeman
Across the wet November night
The church is bright with candlelight
0.00 0
Mary Barber poet Verses Ty'D About A Fawn's Neck by Mary Barber
As thro' this sylvan Scene I stray'd,
I saw and lov'd the Iv'ry Maid:
5.29 1
Anne Bradstreet poet Verses Upon The Burning Of Our House, July 18th, 1666 by Anne Bradstreet
In silent night when rest I took,
For sorrow near I did not look,
6.77 1
Walter Savage Landor poet Verses Why Burnt by Walter Savage Landor
HOW many verses have I thrown
Into the fire because the one
5.21 0
William Cowper poet Verses Written At Bath, On Finding The Heel Of A Shoe by William Cowper
Fortune! I thank thee: gentle goddess! thanks!
Not that my muse, though bashful, shall deny
5.61 0
Thomas Cowherd poet Verses Written Immediately After Reading Horace Smith's 'B.. by Thomas Cowherd
He who wrote these lively verses
Hath his talents misemployed,
0.00 0
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu poet Verses Written In A Garden by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
See how the pair of billing doves
With open murmurs own their loves;
5.89 0
Thomas Hood poet Verses Written In An Album by Thomas Hood
Far above the hollow
Tempest, and its moan,
5.24 0
Anna Laetitia Barbauld poet Verses Written In An Alcove by Anna Laetitia Barbauld
NOW the moon-beam's trembling lustre
Silvers o'er the dewy green,
5.33 0
Robert Burns poet Verses Written With A Pencil At The Inn At Kenmore by Robert Burns
ADMIRING Nature in her wildest grace,
These northern scenes with weary feet I trace;
0.00 0
Mary Monck poet Verses Wrote On Her Death-Bed At Bath, To Her Husband In L.. by Mary Monck
Thou, who dost all my worldly thoughts employ,
Thou pleasing source of all my earthly joy:
5.50 1
Charlotte Smith poet Verses, On The Death Of The Same Lady by Charlotte Smith
LIKE a poor ghost the night I seek;
ts hollow winds repeat my sighs;
5.60 0
William Shenstone poet Verses, To William Lyttleton, Esq. by William Shenstone
How blithely pass'd the summer's day!
How bright was every flower!
5.14 0
Adam Oehlenschläger poet Verset by Adam Oehlenschläger
0.00 0
George Gordon Byron poet Versicles by George Gordon Byron
I Read the 'Christabel';
Very well:
5.50 0
Robert Burns poet Versicles On Sign-Posts by Robert Burns
CURS'D be the man, the poorest wretch in life,
The crouching vassal to a tyrant wife!
0.00 0
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