Classical Poems

Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky poet Violin And A Little Nervous by Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky
Violin was torn to pieces begging,
And then broke out in tears
5.50 1
Aline Murray Kilmer poet Violin Song by Aline Murray Kilmer
The thing that I am seeking
I know I shall not find;
6.99 0
Christian Winther poet Violinspilleren Ved Kilden by Christian Winther
0.00 0
Émile Nelligan poet Violon D'Adieu by Émile Nelligan
0.00 0
Émile Nelligan poet Violon De Villannelle by Émile Nelligan
0.00 0
Adam Oehlenschläger poet Violsamleren by Adam Oehlenschläger
0.00 0
Kavi Kant poet Viprayoga by Kavi Kant
5.50 0
Anonymous Olde English poet Virelal by Anonymous Olde English
Alone walking, In thought pleyning,
And sore sighing, All desolate,
6.07 0
Geoffrey Chaucer poet Virelay by Geoffrey Chaucer
Alone walking
In thought plaining,
5.73 0
Álvares de Azevedo poet Virgem Morta by Álvares de Azevedo
0.00 0
Joseph Hall poet Virgidemarium (Excerpt) by Joseph Hall
With some pot-fury, ravish'd from their wit,
They sit and muse on some no-vulgar writ:
5.50 0
Walt Whitman poet Virgil Strange I Kept On The Field by Walt Whitman

VIGIL strange I kept on the field one night:
7.00 0
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poet Virgil's First Eclogue by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Tityrus, thou in the shade of a spreading beech-tree reclining,
5.91 0
Edmund Spenser poet Virgils Gnat by Edmund Spenser
Wrong'd, yet not daring to expresse my paine,
To you (great Lord) the causer of my care,
5.46 2
Sylvia Plath poet Virgin In A Tree by Sylvia Plath
How this tart fable instructs
And mocks! Here's the parody of that moral mousetrap
8.20 1
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon poet Virgin Of Bethlehem by Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
Virgin of Bethlehem! spouse of the Holy One!
Star of the pilgrim on life’s stormy sea!
4.65 0
David Herbert Lawrence poet Virgin Youth by David Herbert Lawrence
Now and again
All my body springs alive,
5.37 0
Charles Harpur poet Virginal Love by Charles Harpur
I LOVE him so,
That though his face I ne’er might see,
5.70 0
Thomas Babbington Macaulay poet Virginia by Thomas Babbington Macaulay
Fragments of a Lay Sung in the Forum on the Day Whereon Lucius Sextius Sextinus Lateranus and Caius Licinius Calvus Stolo Were Elected Tribunes of the
5.53 0
Walt Whitman poet Virginia--The West by Walt Whitman

THE noble Sire, fallen on evil days,
3.75 0
Alan Seeger poet Virginibus Puerisque . . . by Alan Seeger
I care not that one listen if he lives
For aught but life's romance, nor puts above
5.42 0
Robert William Service poet Virginity by Robert William Service
My mother she had children five and four are dead and gone;
While I, least worthy to survive, persist in living on.
10.00 0
Nicolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig poet Virkeligt Det Nu Er Blevet by Nicolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig
0.00 0
George Herbert poet Virtue by George Herbert
Sweet day, so cool, so calm, so bright
The bridal of the earth and sky:
5.90 1
Michael Bruce poet Virtue And Happiness In The Country by Michael Bruce
How blest the man who, in these peaceful plains,
Ploughs his paternal field; far from the noise,
5.50 0
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