Classical Poems

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Nikolaus Franz Niembsch Edler von Stre .. poet Waldlieder by Nikolaus Franz Niembsch Edler von Stre ..
0.00 0
Robert Bly poet Waking from Sleep by Robert Bly
Inside the veins there are navies setting forth
Tiny explosions at the water lines
9.50 3
Philip Levine poet Waking In March by Philip Levine
Last night, again, I dreamed
my children were back at home,
5.50 0
Robert Lowell poet Waking In The Blue by Robert Lowell
The night attendant, a B.U. sophomore,
rouses from the mare's-nest of his drowsy head
6.76 1
Sylvia Plath poet Waking In Winter by Sylvia Plath
I can taste the tin of the sky —- the real tin thing.
Winter dawn is the color of metal,
10.00 0
Patricio Geronimo Mariano poet Walang Katubusan by Patricio Geronimo Mariano
0.00 0
James Henry Leigh Hunt poet Walcheren Expedition by James Henry Leigh Hunt
Ye brave, enduring Englishmen,
Who dash through fire and flood,
8.00 0
Ralph Waldo Emerson poet Waldeinsamkeit by Ralph Waldo Emerson
I do not count the hours I spend
In wandering by the sea;
5.14 0
George Borrow poet Waldemar’s Chase by George Borrow
Late at eve they were toiling on Harribee bank,
For in harvest men ne’er should be idle:
0.00 0
Nikolaus Franz Niembsch Edler von Stre .. poet Waldestrost by Nikolaus Franz Niembsch Edler von Stre ..
0.00 0
Nikolaus Franz Niembsch Edler von Stre .. poet Waldgang by Nikolaus Franz Niembsch Edler von Stre ..
0.00 0
Allen Ginsberg poet Wales Visitation by Allen Ginsberg
White fog lifting & falling on mountain-brow
Trees moving in rivers of wind
10.00 1
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis poet Walhalla by Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Dark lady of the laggard dawn,
Hiding within her gully deep;
0.00 0
Mir Babar Ali Anees poet Walid Ko Imam-E-Husain (A) Ki Talab by Mir Babar Ali Anees
0.00 0
Langston Hughes poet Walkers With The Dawn by Langston Hughes
Being walkers with the dawn and morning,
Walkers with the sun and morning,
5.74 3
Thomas Traherne poet Walking by Thomas Traherne
To walk abroad is, not with eyes,
But thoughts, the fields to see and prize;
9.00 0
Billy Collins poet Walking Across The Atlantic by Billy Collins
I wait for the holiday crowd to clear the beach
before stepping onto the first wave.
8.00 2
Pablo Neruda poet Walking Around by Pablo Neruda
It so happens I am sick of being a man.
And it happens that I walk into tailorshops and movie
6.34 5
Tishani Doshi poet Walking Around after Neruda by Tishani Doshi
It happens that I am tired of being a woman.
It happens that I cannot walk past country clubs
0.00 0
Pablo Neruda poet Walking Around (Original Spanish) by Pablo Neruda
(Original Spanish; can someone provide the title?)
Sucede que me canso de ser hombre.
4.83 2
Martin Harrison poet Walking Back From The Dam by Martin Harrison
It leaves in my eyes the image of a
pearl-grey lake fleshed with blue, rain-clearing clouds,
5.50 0
Nikki Giovanni poet Walking Down Park by Nikki Giovanni
walking down park
0.00 0
Cao Cao poet Walking From Xiamen And Looking At The Blue Sea by Cao Cao
East face Jieshi mountain
And gaze blue sea
5.65 0
Stephen Crane poet Walking In The Sky, by Stephen Crane
Walking in the sky,
A man in strange black garb
5.26 0
Grace Paley poet Walking In The Woods by Grace Paley
That's when I saw the old maple
a couple of its thick arms cracked
5.94 0
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