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Cycling In The Countryside - Poem by Angela Wybrow

In my spare time, I love to ride
My bicycle out in the countryside.
I love to leave the town far behind;
Inner peace, I am hoping to find.

When I am cycling, I can take my time:
Enjoy the fresh air and the warm sunshine.
Time is my own: there’s no need to rush,
And I am able to savour the welcome hush.

Powering the pedals can make my legs ache,
But the wind on my face makes me feel so awake.
I love to freewheel down never-ending hills:
A simple pleasure, but, oh, what a thrill!

I hear the village church bells joyfully ring,
And, the call of the cuckoo, when it is spring.
I see cattle grazing in the green fields;
I see sparkling streams and rolling hills.

I pass cottage gardens looking all nice and neat;
I pass people out walking and fields full of wheat.
I notice so many details as I ride on my way;
I find myself wishing that I could stay all day.

When riding my bike, I feel such exhilaration:
To me, it is one of the very best sensations!
For a taste of the country, my heart often yearns;
Back to the bustling town, I really hate to return.

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