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a distant demon fleeing leaving footprints in the sand
running from the scene with a dagger in his hand
i chase him down the spiralling stairs deeper into hell
he turns his head and smiles at me this place he knows to well
'what have you done? ' i shout out laud no answer no reply
just him glaring at me with a secret in his eye
crimson blood dripping from the dagger in his hand
i want to know what happened i need to understand
why is my heart bleeding, pumping poison in my life?
why did i ever let you come and stab me with your knife?
-' it was not me that stabbed you it was you that did the deed'
-'there nothing i can do ill just sit back and watch you bleed'
'how can that be? this cant be true the knife is in your hand'
the hourglass is upside down its running out of sand
-'look inside this mirror now and tell me what you see'
-'look deep inside your soul and you will see that you are me'
-'were running out of time and you are running out of blood'
-were running out of air and we are sinking in the mud'
'there is no one to save me i did this to myself'
'I'm just no good for you and you are poison to my heath'
'leave me now and don't look back just leave me here to rest'
'give me back my knife and let me plunge it in my chest'
'ill take my heart tonight and squeeze the poison out my soul'
'then ill cut you out for good and place my heart back in its hole'
-' ill leave you now to heal yourself to cut me with our blade'
-'give now death to my dying breath let me go let me fade'
i begin to float i leave the mud i fly up in the air
my crystal tears falling its to beautiful to bare
I'm soaring high into the sun dancing in the night
i cant believe what Ive become I'm an angel made of light
the clouds they part and you are there smiling from above
Ive found what i was looking for Ive finally found love

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