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A Fathers Reminiscence... - Poem by Jonathan Maldonado

Only yesterday
I stared up at a big world,
with awe struck eyes
Only yesterday
I uttered my first words,
took my first step
Only yesterday
I was so innocent,
closest to God
Only yesterday
I knew no evil,
I knew no good
Only yesterday
I rode my bike,
falling at first attempt
Only yesterday
I could love,
the love of a child, the purest there is
only yesterday...
Only yesterday
I went to school,
longing its end
Only yesterday
I opened my eyes,
to see the world stripped
Only yesterday
I went with friends,
each of us growing, or was it spoiling?
Losing the innocense little by little
Only yesterday
I rebelled from the ones
I once loved so dearly
Only yesterday
I drank my first beer,
the old bitter taste that stood with me ever since
only yesterday
I loved body,
but disreguarded mind and soul
Only yesterday
I ignored all signs or advice
by the elders and wise
Only yesterday
I graduated, some way,
some how
Only yesterday
I felt lost,
a self proclaimed 'man' thrown at the masses
Only yesterday
I found the truth in the words my ears were so closed to
Only yesterday
I saw
how unrelentingly fast time passes us by
only yesterday...
Only yesterday
I was an 'adult' free at last,
how deceitful the thought
Only yesterday
I had not a care in the world
Only yesterday
I met the pleasures of vegas,
and the treasures it gave,
then took away
Only yesterday
I walked into clubs,
and stumbled out
Only yesterday
I was a bachelor,
and took full advantage, at least tried
Only yesterday
I met you,
a thing of beauty
only yesterday
I found the courage
to confess
my feelings at first so hard to express
Only yesterday
We shared our first kiss,
Of many to come
Only yesterday
our love made two into one,
after much pursuit
Only yesterday
you missed that date, and failed that test,
that sealed our fate
Only yesterday
I looked back
and my twenties were gone,
eroded by time like everything before me
Only yesterday
We watched your stomach grow
Only yesterday
I stood up for nights in a row,
questioning the coming events
Only yesterday
We moved in together,
turning house into home
Only yesterday
We prepared our babys room, painted the walls and then eachother
laughing our way to the floor, no love can ever be so divine
Only yesterday
I finally met you, a rush of raw emotion brought tears to my eyes
Only yesterday
I held you, cradled in my arms
no greater meaning to live
can ever exist
Only yesterday
I watched you look up to a big world,
with awe struck eyes,
as once did I
Only yesterday
I heard you utter your first words,
that reached my very soul
Only yesterday
I watched you take your first step,
with proud eyes
Only yesterday
I struggled to clean you up,
But with your mothers help I managed
Only yesterday
I spent sleepless nights fleeing
to your cries
Only yesterday
I took you to school for the very first time
Only yesterday
I chased away the boys,
that came your way
Only yesterday
I saw the gloss of innocense
in your eyes fade all away
just as did mine
only yesterday...

Comments about A Fathers Reminiscence... by Jonathan Maldonado

  • Rookie - 420 Points Jonathan Maldonado (1/8/2014 4:10:00 PM)

    Thank you Felicia I'm glad you liked it. (Report) Reply

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  • Rookie - 0 Points Melody Thaila Kuku (3/31/2012 2:07:00 AM)

    Well written poem, you presented memories in a new, beautiful and touching way. I go through childhood with you, into the stage of a curious teenager, into adulthood, parenthood and on and on. I share not just a father's memory but my own. Beautiful memories of innoence, dependence, maturity and responsibility. And yes lol, it seems only yesterday we were cradled in our mother's arms. I love the way you captured our attention taking us step by step on the path of life's memóries. I waited to see the end and wasn't disappointed. Thanks Jon. (Report) Reply

  • Rookie - 292 Points Romeo Della Valle (3/29/2012 10:22:00 PM)

    A reservoir full of rich imagery and powerful and heart touching words! Memorable moments stamped in your heart and mind and you will keep until the day you say good-bye! Yesterday, the vivid reason of Today and the dream of Tomorrow! An excellent write that is thought provoking and well crafted! 10+++ Thank you for sharing and keep it up! God Bless You Jonathan! Que Dios te bendiga! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! (Report) Reply

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