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Flood - Poem by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

A big wind fallen tree on the wooden bridge
Broken and flown the pieces in the flood water
The island in the river full of small homes
Lost their connectivity between the mainland

The people cried for rescue from the flood water
No country boats were present in the near vicinity
The flood water came like a serpent in motion
No question of mercy from flowing water and fire

Save us from the calamity the women cried
Make haste the actions of rescue the old men shouted
The flood water is up to the basement of houses
No hope of escape from the island if it still high

The animals we gave protection were not secure
They expressed their own emotions of anxiety of flood
The dog barked aloud and aloud for sympathy and attention
No one bothered to listen concerning their own safety

The flood water came to the inner rooms of small houses
Their total fitness and safety suspected to be in peril
The people made sounds and cries for help from mainland
Seemed to be people were not seeing or hearing the plight

At last a brave man from the island came forward
Trying the luck and his capability to swim across
He made a swimming equipment by dry coconuts tied
And swam across the river with vigor and courage

We prayed and prayed as usual in such calamity
For the safe reach of our dear one in such heavy flood
However he accomplished his task and reached safely
And came back with a rescue team with two country boats

Asked us to keep ready and make hasty rescues of women
And children then the old men one by one to the boats
Then come the other ones without a commotion and fear
We can safely cross the river in the boat he told
Happiest were all listened his comments and adhered
And reached to the safety zone from the flood water

Not only that the young one's dedication and service
He promptly saved the lives of the domestic animals
Allowing even a venom less snake to climb outside the boat
His courage, strength, and dedication was so high.

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