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Gratitude - Poem by Lucy Maud Montgomery

I thank thee, friend, for the beautiful thought
That in words well chosen thou gavest to me,
Deep in the life of my soul it has wrought
With its own rare essence to ever imbue me,
To gleam like a star over devious ways,
To bloom like a flower on the drearest days­
Better such gift from thee to me
Than gold of the hills or pearls of the sea.

For the luster of jewels and gold may depart,
And they have in them no life of the giver,
But this gracious gift from thy heart to my heart
Shall witness to me of thy love forever;
Yea, it shall always abide with me
As a part of my immortality;
For a beautiful thought is a thing divine,
So I thank thee, oh, friend, for this gift of thine.

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    WHAT they undertook to do They brought to pass; All things hang like a drop of dew Upon a blade of grass.

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    "Do you give thanks for this? -- or that?" No, God be thanked I am not grateful In that cold, calculating way, with blessing ranked As one, two, three, and four, -- that would be hateful. I only know that every day brings good above" My poor deserving; I only feel that, in the road of Life, true Love Is leading me along and never swerving. Whatever gifts and mercies in my lot may fall, I would not measure As worth a certain price in praise, or great or small; But take and use them all with simple pleasure. For when we gladly eat our daily bread, we bless The Hand that feeds us; And when we tread the road of Life in cheerfulness, Our very heart-beats praise the Love that leads us.

  3. 0163 Gratitude

    It's a curious time of year - one day warm and sunny, mild, the next cold and rainy; one night frosty, the next night mild; a pointed reminder that we're about to be overwhelmed by an abundance of beauty which we call summer, and which - can we pretend we've earned? a little hesitancy on Nature's part, a little touch of hope deferred does wonders for the grateful heart.

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    - My Gratitude to My Co -Poets- ********** I was sad for not sharing the voice With my beloved poet John Keats, Who with painful heart eternal odes did compose, Cried for unhealthy limitation of human mind, With each passing time He grew to be a complete poet to touch the pristine truth on the theory of beauty as it's prime. I was sad for not being in touch with the spirit of PB Shelley, Who with Impetuosity did inspire the dropping humanity with spiritual Mind, With wrath and wreath did He compose revolutionary verse to usher change in social stratum, Dreamboat a poet of ultimate flowering of poetic consciousness, A spirit like the fire God who inspired potency inherent with unbounded imagination. I was sad for not looking at a Sylvan spirit like William Wordsworth who meditated each passing strain with single breath, The priest of nature and poet of common folk. He did write his heart with lucid dream on fair silubject, The play and display of single being in every object. The poet of spontaneous fragrance. I was sad for not imbibing the craze, The eccentricity and abruptness of Robert Browning, Who with dramatic Felicity created immortal verse, The philosopher of dejected hearts, A lover whom everyone covets. I was sad for retarded depression When I think of metaphysical poets, Donne, Herbert, Marvell and Vaughan, I did not share their mystic metaphysical Minds. I was sad for not having company of Nature's beloved son, The poet of bud and bloom, Lake and lagoon and love and languishment, Our beloved priest -poetRabindranath and The world with modern mindslike Hopkins Yeats and Eliot. I was sad to think for my sudden weird being that wished to have a talk with Shakespeare the great and Marlowe the Master, They have become bygone past. Only pain profound did pinch to dream of them. Now I am rejuvinated with thought new, I am not an orphan poet, Nor do I walk alone on the path, Seeking the footprints in yellow pages to be inspired for poetry the great, I have got beautiful Minds and pure hearts like 'Me poet yeps the poet' and' Dr Tony Brahmin', 'Kumarmani Mahakul' and Bharati Nayak', Edward Kofi Louis and Jez Brul', Robert Murray Smith and Hazel Durham, Dr Dilip Kumar swain and Sylvia Frances Chan and many more. They are with me with same thought and same grandeur to show me the way till I breath my last. **********************************