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Ph: Politics: Conservative Hubris Or Liberal Guilt - You Decide - Poem by Brian Johnston

My friends I’ve had a great idea,
I have to let you in on,
I can’t believe that no one else
Has thought of this before.

You all know how the NRA
Says guns have made us safer?
Well this should make the rabid cheer
Saint Brian has the floor!

You’d think that someone else would think
To just extend their logic
To bring about world peace perhaps
Would only take a day.

Just give a portable A-Bomb
To each and every voter,
Perhaps the Congress would respect
What people have to say.

We’ve all grown tired of hairless apes
Attacking like piranhas
The moment that a party man
Shows sign of intellect.

They dare suggest that all our woes
From highways down to healthcare
Can somehow be directly caused
By government defect?

It’s not our government at fault
But jerks avoiding taxes,
That corporations have a voice
Is just their latest ploy.

The fact that profit trumps all jobs
Means workers have less money
To buy the products they create
The nation’s fate a toy.

These men, these so-called patriots
Who hate the poor that feed them,
Suppress their votes at every turn,
Mass pillage is their plan.

But so seductive is their path
The poor think they are heroes,
Cannot appreciate the odds,
Confused by devil’s clan.

And every day the gulf between
The rich and poor gets wider,
What’s left to think except the rich
Are bound for suicide.

While they themselves may miss the heat
Live high on hog’s best tokens,
Their children certainly will not
Escape the bloody tide.

And God, I hate to say so but
I fear we eat our children,
Blind faith in technological
Advance could be our end.

A reverence for Nature has
Just vanished from our culture,
The only truth remaining is…
‘Just how much can I spend? ’

Comments about Ph: Politics: Conservative Hubris Or Liberal Guilt - You Decide by Brian Johnston

  • Gold Star - 6,615 Points Jak Black (3/5/2015 6:55:00 AM)

    I've read your biography and quite a few of your poems, always labelled you as a staunch conservative. This poem I particularly like, maybe I should now re-label you. Not a fan of the attempted humour but I agree wholeheartedly with the basic principle of this message. Well done Brian.

    Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth. (Mathew 5: 5) . (Report) Reply

    Gold Star - 17,155 Points Brian Johnston (3/8/2015 11:53:00 PM)

    Thanks Jak for your comment,
    I confuse myself at times as well! : -) I think of myself as a non-denominational Christian who believes strongly in God (even the God in the Bible) . However I believe that God is way too big for most of us to really have a clue as to what he is about, except for the way He makes Himself accessible through Jesus Christ and Christ's closest friends and followers frequently did not understand Christ. Humor in approaching the understanding of others as well as our own understanding, is the only approach that makes sense to me.

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  • Gold Star - 154,544 Points Akhtar Jawad (3/5/2015 4:16:00 AM)

    an intelligent idea and an appealing message............................ (Report) Reply

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