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What Can Make You Happy? - Poem by Julius Babarinsa

Are you happy right now or sad?
Are you bitter about your present condition?
You wonder what is wrong with your life
You wonder why others are happy
And question why some are so sad
Are happy people born that way?
Or happiness is a state of mind
What can make you happy?
Will having more money make you happy?
How much money do you need to make you happy?
If you are single and not happy!
Will having a new lover make you happy?
Will getting married make you happy?
If you are married, and not happy!
Will having more children make you happy?
Will sleeping with other people make you happy?
If you are a professional and not happy!
Will changing your profession make you happy?
What can make you happy?
Will getting drunk everyday make you happy?
Will taking a new drug make you happy?
Will buying a new car make you happy?
What can make you happy?
Will moving to a bigger house make you happy?
Will been promoted at work make you happy?
Will been the head of your organization
Make you happy
What can make you happy?
Always remember that what makes
You happy can make the others sad

Comments about What Can Make You Happy? by Julius Babarinsa

  • Rookie Dave De Haas (9/9/2005 1:25:00 AM)

    As usual Poemtry hound is dead wrong! ! ! ! ! !
    you'r poemma questions that people all over this world are asking others and themselves.
    It's shows that you can ask yourself these questions and have the courage to ask them to others.
    Yes your questions do move people.
    It moved me and others i sent it to. You must be a caring and genlte person to ask such questions. Further more this is your own style of poetry. if some people don't like it then don't read it again. (Report) Reply

    0 person liked.
    0 person did not like.
  • Rookie - 165 Points Poetry Hound (3/3/2005 8:42:00 PM)

    What would make me happy would be to see some decent poetry. Do you think your questions move people to think deeply? Dream on. If you maybe answered your own questions, there would be a human aspect to what you write and maybe people would relate and that would make them think more deeply. If nothing else, it would be more interesting than simply asking these questions, Mr. Julius 'are you a bad poet' Babarinsa. (Report) Reply

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