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Superman My Hero - Poem by Aldo Kraas

Superman my hero
Is just like my friend
It was just what I want him to be
Superman my hero
Is giving us hope
He is keeping us free
God's nation
Is in chaos
But there is one man that
Can save us all
Superman my Hero
He flied many times a day in the sky
He touches heaven
Just like the birds do
Superman my hero
I am so proud of him
Superman my hero
I pray for you every day
You have a job, I have one too
I will tell you what gets me through
Strenght, love, and peace
I pray for peace where I am going to be
For you and me
Kids at school
Sending Postcards to those who died overseas in the war
Superman my hero
Keeping busy is what I need to do
And keeping busy these days seems to be the tool
I want to make the hour go fast
So I have to keep myself busy
Superman my hero
Doesn't live in fear
But I do
Superman my hero
Makes sacrifices also
Like I do
Superman my hero
Is landing from the sky right now
He had a perfect landing
Superman my hero
I light a candle for you
May God always bless you
Superman my hero
To the world you gave so much love
Superman my hero
You are an hero
Superman my hero
What are we going to do when our time is up here on earth?
Superman my hero
Your spirit will always be alive in me
You have given your spirit to me and everybody else here on earth
Superman my hero
I am dreaming every night
With you
I know someday my dreams may come true
That's why we are fighting for and doing what we do to save our world
Superman my hero
I hope that others will learn to love you and respect you like I do
Superman I hope others
Will respect our believes and not judge us by what we do
Or by what we haven't done yesterday, today, or tomorrow
Superman my hero
Stands in a shiny sea
Superman my hero
Wants a world were he dominates
And he knows that our land will liberate
A shiny city on top of the hill
Superman my hero
Fighting evil and saving people also
Superman my hero
Has a free will
To help those in need
Superman my hero
It is time to remember what freedom means
It is time to choose freedom
And embrace the future
It is time to choose life
It is time to look after those in need
Because charity begins at home
Superman my hero
I know that together we will get through tough times
Sometimes we just need some courage
Sometimes we need a little prayer
Sometimes we need a helping hand so we can finish our daily tasks
Superman my hero
Let the light shine in your heart, my heart, and all the people here on Earth
Superman my hero
It is a lucky day
Because you are of flying again like a bird in the sky
Superman my hero
Miracles we will see one day
Superman my hero
Black outs
All the town is out of lights left in the dark
Traffic lights are not working
We can't cook our food
We have to eat can food for a few days
We have to survive some how
Some how we will get through this ordeal
And you are flying high above in the sky
The only thing that is shining at night is the moon
Superman my hero
I know that nobody will live forever
Superman my hero
You were meant to fly
Superman my hero
I sometimes feel powerless
Superman my hero
Once I need to get out
And put my foot out of my door
I know that fresh air is good for me and everybody else
I have dreams and desires
Superman my hero
Once a while I just need to get away from the computer
My desk and my computer my favorite hide away
Superman my hero
Will take me to a place that I never been before
Superman I believe that we were meant to be friends
Superman my hero
I must speak now or forever hold my peace
Superman my hero
Snow, wind, and rain won't bother superman my hero
Because he always dress up for the kind of weather
He is smart and wise
Superman won't melt but he might freeze in the winter
Because the days are much colder than you ever imagine
Superman my hero

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